How Do the Smart Air Fryers Turn Kitchen Rookies into Real Chefs

Are you a food lover looking for a new kitchen appliance to cook like a pro? The smart air fryer is a trendy kitchen helper due to its versatile nature. It is an all-in-one appliance for frying, roasting, or dehydrating your food. Moreover, you might want to buy one to try new recipes you find online. 


Crispy and delicious fried doughnuts


With much saying about its convenience, deciding what to buy among the available options might be tricky. So we have provided a short review to help you buy the best air fryer for your kitchen countertop. 


Basic Information About Smart Air Fryers

Before the purchasing guideline, here is some basic information about it.


1. How does an Air Fryer Works?

Air fryers function by circulating hot air and drying surface moisture to cook food. The upper section holds a heating element and fan. You only need to place your food in the basket and turn the switch on. Rapid air circulation around the food will make it crispy, like deep-frying, with little or no oil. Isn't it amazing? 


2. Air Fryers vs. Ovens: Which One is Best?

Air fryers are a healthier alternative to microwave ovens. Producing intense heat, they can reheat and cook faster than the oven. Moreover, a smart air fryer doesn't rely on oil to fry your food. You can now relish your favorite crispy fried foods with low fat and minimum calories.


3. How to Select the Suitable Air Fryer

Looking for the best smart air fryer to satisfy your cooking needs? The ultimate choice depends on your cooking preferences. Some people buy it as their only cooking appliance, while others might like it for specific recipes. Make sure to read the product specs before buying. Here are some factors you need to consider while choosing an air fryer. 


Dreo Smart Air Fryer with the delicious food


  • Capacity

    Capacity determines how much you can easily cook in your fryer. A 3 to 4 quarts air fryer will be enough if you cook for yourself and your partner. But you will need a minimum of five quarts device to cook for a family of four or more. 


  • Operation 

    You'll find different buttons or knobs on your appliance to start and regulate its operation. Press the relevant button to adjust the temperature for dehydrating, shaking, or roasting your food. The latest smart air fryers operate with an auto-sensing technology to adjust temperature and time for perfect results. 


  • Interior Design

    There are two common types of air fryers on the market based on interior design. The typical design has a pull-out basket to hold food. Some appliances just have one drawer, while others contain multiple levels. Newer alternatives come with a rack or an outfitted mesh tray. The choice of design depends on your individual needs.


  • Noise

    Air fryers are among the noisy kitchen appliances, sounding like a dishwasher, however, the fan noise may vary depending on the type, size, and appliance brand. 


  • Smooth Pulling

    Air fryers usually have a pull-out drawer holding the frying metal basket. You can pull out the basket and check the cooking progress. Smooth pulling allows for safe and easy motion while checking the meal. 


  • Transparent Cover

    Some air fryers have a transparent cover, allowing you to view your food during cooking without the risk of overcooking. 


Buy Smart Air Fryer from Dreo 

Are you thinking about getting a multifunctional air fryer for your kitchen? If yes, Dreo offers the best smart air fryers with an industry-leading temperature range. Whether you want to reheat, bake, roast, unfreeze, dehydrate, or air fry your food, our two top products will cover your needs. 


Dreo Aircrisp Pro in the kitchen desk


✓  Dreo Aircrisp Pro Max Air Fryer

This Dreo air fryer brings all the flavors to your table. Its large clear display helps you to personalize your cooking preferences. With adequate cooking capacity, it's perfect for 4-6 people. Host a family party and have fun cooking your favorite dishes. 


Key Features:

  • Capacity: 6.8 quarts
  • A visible window with 360° hot air circulation
  • Temperature range: 100-450°F 
  • 5 presets and 6 functions allow a quick start and smooth functioning.
  • One-Touch control and easy-to-read display
  • Built-in shake reminder to maintain the excellent texture of food
  • ETL and FDA-approved materials help to expel the odor and ensure food safety
  • Durable and dishwasher-safe accessories 
  • Dual-layer non-stick coating allows easy cleaning 



Inspired by air power, Dreo introduces you to a new home-life experience, making your cooking process much easier. 


Contact us now to get a reliable Dreo air fryer and level up your cooking experience! 

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