Air Cooler, Swimming Pool & Ice Drinks -- Things that Represent Summer

Sweating hands and sticky shirts are the signals of "hot." But in summer, it is even worse. The heat seems to be unbearable, making people's lives miserable. And that's why there are so many people preferring staying indoors.

 A closed window under the sunlight


If anyone wants to keep themselves cool and comfortable during the summer heat wave, what can they do? A pool, an ice cream, and some drinks will do just fine, but nothing can beat the real relief or bring a state of bliss like an air cooler.




Air Cooler is designed to cool off the room by circulating the air. It consists of a fan, which can connect to the ice or water dispenser. Generally speaking, the air cooler is an integral partner of summer.




So there will be a comprehensive introduction to this undeniable summer presentation.




What Factors Should Be Considered Before Choosing the Air Coolers

The market is filled with dazzling air coolers, good or bad. So, to choose a reliable one, you should better consider the following factors:




  • Power

    Undoubtedly, an air cooler should be gentle enough when you are asleep and strong enough on stifling days. So cooler's power is the top consideration. To take this into account, you should first measure the size of the room. A higher power air cooler can quickly cool down the bigger room but consume much more electricity.


  •  Energy-Saving Rate

    The energy-saving rate is a very important factor in choosing an air cooler. An energy-saving model can save more costs on electricity bills and power consumption.


  •  Remote Controllable

    The air cooler should have a remote-control system that allows users to adjust its settings directly from where they are. Who will say no to coolers that are controllable from a relatively long distance? A single pressing on the remote control may bring you a happier, not bothering evening.


  •  Easy Cleaning

    Air cooling systems should be easy to clean. This is extremely true for children, elders, and people suffering from allergic rhinitis. The cleaning mechanism is presented so one can compare and carefully select one.


  • Quietness

    The air cooling unit should be quiet enough, making no trouble for people who are working or sleeping.


Dreo TwinCool inverter air conditioner works in the bedroom


What Dreo Can Offer

Dreo is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to cooling. The Dreo Arctic One and TwinCool are in hot-pursuit.




All these models are built with excellent performance and high-quality materials, helping them to stand out among their rivals. In addition, they have a good airflow control system that helps users adjust according to their needs and preferences. Many other features make these products beneficial to use.




✓  Dreo Arctic One

The Dreo Arctic One is a quiet, energy-efficient air cooler designed for medium to large rooms up to 350 square feet with an 8,000 BTU cooling capacity. The 24h on/off timer allows users to set the unit to turn on and off automatically at night or when they are not home. This model also comes with five modes: Cool/Humidify/Fan Only/Auto/Sleep, allowing users to choose the airflow magnitude.


Dreo Arctic One air conditioner isolates the noise outside the window.


The Arctic One's pre-assembled design makes it easy to install and detach. Besides, its high working efficiency is not at the expense of its capacity to keep the noise down.




  Dreo TwinCool

Dreo's TwinCool air conditioner is a portable air cooler that allows users to cool their space or work area easily. This product has an impressive 12,000 BTU cooling capacity, bringing lingering cooling waves rapidly. The pre-assembled design makes installation easy for anyone, making regular cleaning an easy job.


The Dreo twin cool air cooler comes with five modes making it easy to adjust as needed. The unit is easy to maneuver, as it can be rolled around on wheels. It's also energy efficient, consuming less but producing more.



Air Coolers are always in high demand in the summer and are a preferred option to beat the scorching heat of summers. Then the question comes to who can offer a reliable one amid seas of brands. Voila! Here comes Dreo. Years of experience allow us to create a range of powerful and money-efficient cooling devices that have received positive market responses.




Air Coolers


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