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"The best tower fan!"

Honestly, I tried about 6 different ones until I came to this one. It is by far the best as it is very quiet and blows a lot of air at the same time! Compare to any of the others it is in a whole new level. ...... Great job!

"Best Tower Fan Ever!"

The App is amazing ....... The best part is using Alexa or Google Assistant with voice commands. They are very responsive when using the commands, either with voice or app control.The guy who never would have thought he would be so excited about a Tower Fan of all things!
— Aaron

"So Far, So GREAT - Quiet - Easy to Assemble"

This seems slightly quieter than my Vornado which cost 50% more. Plus, assembling this fan is SO EASY I couldn't believe it. EVERY other fan I have assembled, including the aforementioned Vornado, required screwing stuff together and flopping around on your knees to do it. ...... I am delighted. Oh yes. Registering it extends the warranty to 5 years. Nice.
— Steve Hogan

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