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Air Quality


Up to 269 sq.ft. Heating1500W high power, spindle-shaped openings and M-shaped heating fins create stack effect to provide more efficient circulation of hot air in rooms up to 269 square feet, keeping your home cozy and warm without drying out the air.


Feel Heat FasterThe spindle-shaped openings, 225mm(50% larger than others)enlarged fins and Dual U-shaped heating tubes make the radiator heater so effective in distributing heat that the heat can be doubled and released quickly, evenly and efficiently to the entire room.


Cool Touch DesignWith the wraparound heating fins design, the heating element and fins are not directly exposed, preventing burn risks.


Enhanced SafetyDreo Oil Filled Radiator Heater was certified by UL. Built-in precise temperature sensor, tip-over switch and other  devices shut off the heater in unexpected events.


Energy EfficientEquipped with 600W/900W/1500W heating modes, this space heater also features a smart ECO mode that adjusts the working mode based on the room temperature.  Saving more on your energy bills in winter.


Easy to UseA remote is included to allow you to mute, set a timer, and access other functions of this oil-filled radiator heater from 19 feet away. Universal wheels make moving this big guy a breeze. And assembly is super easy


Warm Before Arriving HomeDreo oil radiator heater comes with a 24-hour timer, you can set the timer in 1-hour increments. Not only can you set the auto-off time, but you can also set the auto-on time while on standby.



Why Choose Dreo Oil Filled Radiator Heater?

  1. Dual U-shaped tube heating technology and wraparound heating fin design

Dreo Oil Filled Radiator Heater is equipped with spindle-shaped openings and 225mm extended fins for better heating effect and making your home warmer in a more efficient way.

  1. Multiple safety features protecting your family

Dreo Oil Filled Radiator Heater was certified by UL and the wraparound design on the fins and housing prevents possible burns during use. At the same time, the built-in overheat sensor and tip-over protection make your family safe.

  1. Save your money

Dreo Oil Filled Radiator Heater comes with 3 standard heating modes to offer low to high power heating(150W/1000W/600W). It also has a smart ECO mode that adjusts according to the surroundings and maximizes energy efficiency to save on your heating bills in winter.


  1. User friendly

A built-in timer allows you to set a time from 1 to 24 hours (in 1 hour increments) for the heater to turn on or off at a certain time. You can also use the remote control to personalize your comfort and enjoy the ultimate convenience.



Heating Area: 25 square meters/269 square feet

Input:120V~ 60Hz

Rated Power: 1500/1000/600W

Remote Control Battery: AAA 1.5V

Control Distance19 feets


Whats in the Box

1 x Dreo Oil Filled Heater

1 x Remote Control (2x AAA batteries included)

4 x Casters

1 x User Guide