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Dreo Aircrisp Pro Air Fryer

Dreo Aircrisp Pro Air Fryer

Model: DR-KAF002

Beautifully compact and impressively versatile, this air fryer is an unbeatable must-have for every tight kitchen space.


Mark the + and - buttons of the temperature first when the control panel of the air fryer is all on. Take out the basket and push it in. At this time, the air fryer becomes the standby state (the power button turns red, and the other function menus are no longer lit). Press the plus and minus keys at the same time for about 3 seconds. If you still encounter problems during the operation, please contact and we can send you a specific operation video.

Ensure that the voltage and frequency are the same as required in the user manual. Make sure the air fryer is plugged in. Replace with another socket and plug in the power cord again. Release and push the baskets securely into the air fryer. Check the LED light on the panel is on when plugged in. Take a short video and send it to if the issue still exists.

An open circuit in the temperature sensor. Take a short video and send it to

A short circuit in the temperature monitor. Take a short video and send it to

KAF001: Tap once to shut down and tap again to restart. Then the function can be chosen again.

A: KAF002: Long press the power button for 2-3 seconds, and the air fryer enters the standby reset function state.

The basket is overfilled. Divide the food into smaller batches. Increase cooking temperature or time.

Please check if the max temperature of the preset has been already chosen. Each preset has the highest temperature. Take a short video and send it to

KAF001: Only the broil and steak preset can be adjusted to 450°F.

A: KAF002: Only the steak preset can be adjusted to 450°F.

It is possible that the pushing force of the basket is too small, causing the control panel to sense that it is not closed. Please try to push the basket into the air fryer vigorously again. Take a short video and send it to if the issue still exists.

We recommend that do not remove the silicone protectors so that the plate will directly touch the bottom of the basket and cannot isolate the oil. Please rest assured to use, because silica gel is food grade. It is recommended that you remove the silicone after use so that you can clean the plate thoroughly.

Please check if there is the wind coming out from the air outlet at the back when the machine is working. If there is wind, the fan works normally. There may be a problem with the heating element. Please be careful not to get burned by the hot air. Please contact if the issue still exists.

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