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Product Support

Dreo Evaporative Air Cooler

Dreo Evaporative Air Cooler

Model: DR-HEC001


Make sure that the cord is connected to a powered outlet and the mains voltage corresponds with the voltage indicated on the cooler.

To Press the power button on the control panel or via remote.

Turn on the humidify function and ensure that the water is above the minimum mark.

Put ice packs into the tank for better cooling.

Note that this is not an air conditioner. Combine with your AC unite to circulate air mote efficiently.

Do not open or puncture the ice pack.

Do not eat or drink the contents inside.

Put the ice packs in the refrigerator to freeze for at least 4 hours. Then put the ice packs into the tank directly. It is recommended to wear gloves when removing ice packs from the refrigerator to avoid frostbite.

Note that the ice packs can be frozen and used repeatedly.

Fan speed reduces from the set speed every half an hour until it reaches level 1, then continues in Sleep mode until turned off manually or via a timer. The LED display will automatically turn off after 5 seconds under Sleep mode.

Q:Why is the base flimsy/wobbly?

A:Place the air cooler on a flat, level surface.

Check whether the base of the air cooler is correctly assembled. Note that the power cord must be run through all keepers.

Make sure to return the water tank securely in place.

Check if the fan body is stuck or entangled by the cable.

Press the oscillation button on the control panel or via remote. Please check if there’s an Oscillation icon on the lower-left corner of the screen.

No, this air cooler can not show the temperature.

The air cooler was designed to shut off automatically after continuously running for 15 hours for safety concerns.

Yes, it can be used with the humidifying function turned off.

Make sure to return the tank securely in place and re-enable the humidifying function.

Restart the air cooler.

Note that when the water is low or the tank is withdrawn during humidifying, the humidifying function will be disabled for safety protection.

The cooling pad may be clogged with debris. Rinse the cooling pad and dry completely.

Ensure the proper installation of the cooling pad, rear grille, and water tank. The water must not exceed the max level.

In cooling mode, the Air Cooler produces moisture as a result of evaporative cooling. This is normal.

The Air Cooler cools best in dry climates. If the ambient humidity level is high (60% or above), refrain from using the Air Cooler until ambient humidity is reduced.

Make sure the window/doors are open and there is adequate cross-ventilation in the room so that the moisturized air can circulate better. Do not use the evaporative cooling function on days with high ambient humidity.

Remote control batteries are old & used or inserted incorrectly in the battery compartment.

Replace with new batteries. Follow the polarity guide inside the battery compartment.

Please contact our Customer support at 1-888-520-3736 or email: Please be sure to have your product model number for reference. You can find the model number on the right side of the unit.