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Dreo CF312 Air Circulator Fan

Dreo CF312 Air Circulator Fan

Model: DR-HAF002

Dreo Fox One 9" whole room air circulator with 70ft far-reaching airflow, 120° adjustable tilt, and 3 speeds.


1. Ensure that the cord is connected to a powered outlet, and the mains voltage corresponds to the voltage indicated on the air circulator.

2. Check if the power adapter is securely inserted into the power outlet and the air circulator.

3. Press the power button on the control panel or via remote to turn on/off the air circulator.

4. If the smart socket is used, make sure the mechanical switch is at 1/2/3 level. Otherwise, the smart switch works, but the machine will not start immediately.

1. Replug the power adapter.

2. Check the air inlet/outlet and see if there are any obstacles or abnormal deformations.

1. Check if the surface is flat.

2. Check if the base of the fan is normal, as foreign objects may affect stability.

1. Switch the fan speed to a higher one.

2. Clean the inlet grills and test the air circulator again.

1. Ensure correct installation or relocate the fan.

2. Please try to turn down the levels.

1. Confirm that the set screws of the front mesh are removed.

2. Find a suitable Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws.

1. It is recommended to use the matching expansion screws in the package.

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DR-HAF002 User manual