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Dreo Macro Max S Air Purifier

Dreo Macro Max S Air Purifier

Model: DR-HAP003S

Dreo Macro Max S smart air purifier with 3-stage H13 true HEPA electrostatic filtration and active air quality monitoring


The machine has been in a closed package after leaving the factory, and there will be some smell of packaging materials attached. It is recommended to set the device to turbo mode when using it for the first time, and run it for half an hour without a filter. Then re-install the filter to use it again.

Note: The protective film of the filter needs to be removed before installation

1. Turn on WiFi and Bluetooth. Turn on Dreo APP and sign in or create an account by following in-app instructions. (Verify your email address to continue)

2. Once you log in, tap Add Device on the app.

3. Select the air purifier you want to link.

4. Hold the WiFi connection button for 5 seconds to start network settings and device pairing. The WiFi indicator will keep flashing when pairing.

5. Select your WiFi, enter your password, and tap Next to connect to the network. Please ensure that the name of the WiFi is the same as the WiFi that connects to your mobile phone and enter the correct WiFi password.

6. You are now ready to control the appliance on your app. To restart connection settings, hold the WiFi button again for 5 seconds

1. Please check that you choose a 2.4G network instead of a 5G network.

2. Please check if your home network is stable.

3. Please disconnect the WiFi with your air purifier to restart the network setup.

The filter life is measured by the air purifier's algorithm based on the operating mode, fan speed, run time, and indoor air quality. It is recommended that the filter be cleaned every 2-4 weeks and replaced every 6-8 months or when the filter change reminder alerts. The filter change reminder will flash when the filter needs to be replaced.

The filter uses a 3-stage filtration system which is composed of a pre-filter, an H13 HEPA filter, and a high-efficiency activated carbon filter.

The Filter Change Reminder will not automatically reset. Please press and hold the Filter Reset button to reset the reminder. The indicator will turn off after resetting. Or you can also reset it via the button icon in APP.

Blue color means the air quality level is excellent.

Green color means the air quality level is good.

Orange color means the air quality level is moderate.

Red color means the air quality level is poor.

• Check if the filter packaging has been removed.

• Make sure the windows are closed as polluted air may continue coming in from outside the windows.

• The overloaded filter will make the fan work harder to pass the air through. Consider replacing the filter if it is clogged.

• Do not place in crowded areas and corners.

• Check if the air outlet and inlet are obstructed.

• When the pollution concentration is high, it is recommended to adjust the mode level or open the automatic mode

• The turbo mode will produce a higher noise level as the fan is at the maximum speed to clean the air in the room more quickly

• Switch the air purifier to sleep mode or lower fan speeds.

The Air Quality Sensor detects PM 2.5 particles but cannot detect odors. If you feel that the indoor air odor is relatively strong, it is recommended to manually open the highest fan speed.

• Make sure the air purifier is operating on a flat, stable surface.

• Check if the filter is placed properly or if the filter packaging has been removed.

• If the unusual noise still exists, there may be external objects blocking the air openings. Please contact our customer support.

• During the initial few days, new air purifiers produce a plastic smell, which is normal and will dissipate eventually.

• Do not add essential oils or diffusers into the air purifier or use in an excessively humid area. Humidity will cause mold to grow.

• If the filter has absorbed pollutants to its maximum capacity, then the smell may come from the dirty filter. Please replace the filter when necessary.

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