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Product Support

Dreo Macro Pro True HEPA Air Purifier

Dreo Macro Pro True HEPA Air Purifier

Model: DR-HAP002

Constantly changes your air quality for the better and keeps you in the know, without causing any slightest distractions.


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The Filter Change Reminder will not automatically reset. Please press and hold the Filter Reset button to reset the reminder; the indicator will turn off after reset.

There are several factors that can impact the filter life, including the indoor air quality level, length of operation and particle density in the air. If your room has a better air quality level and/or you don’t use your air purifier often, the reminder will take longer to light up.

Check if the power is connected, the power cord is damaged, or the electrical outlet is powered.

Make sure that there is enough space around the air purifier. Check if the filter packaging has been removed. Switch to higher speed or turbo mode. Replace the filter if the filter is clogged and overloaded.

Check if the filter packaging has been removed.

Make sure that the area is smaller than 283 ft² / 26 m². Make sure the windows are closed as polluted air may continue coming in from outside of the windows. The overloaded filter will make the fan work harder to pass the air through. Consider replacing the filter if it is clogged.

The turbo mode will produce higher noise level as the fan is at the maximum speed to clean the air in the room more quickly. Switch the air purifier to sleep mode or lower fan speeds.

Make sure the air purifier is operating on a flat, stable surface. Check if the filter is placed properly or the filter packaging has been removed. If the unusual noise still exists, there may be external objects blocking the air openings. Please contact our customer support.

During the initial few days, new air purifiers produce a plastic smell which is normal and will dissipate eventually. Do not add essential oils or diffusers into the air purifier or use in a excessively humid area. Humidity will cause mold to grow. If the filter has absorbed pollutants to its maximum capacity, then the smell may come from from the dirty filter. Please replace the filter when necessary.


DR-HAP002 User Manual

V1.0 2022-03-02