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Dreo Oil Filled  Radiator  Heater

Dreo Oil Filled Radiator Heater

Model: DR-HSH005

With silent, far-reaching heat, this contemporary radiator envelops your whole body with maximized warmth and comfort.


This radiator can heat up to 269 sq. ft (25 sq. m). Designed with advanced stack effect and extended heating fins, it's ideal for warming up medium to large rooms.

This radiator is powered by electricity. This is an electric oil filled radiator with a built-in dual U-shaped heating tube that heats the diathermic oil and uses thermal convection and radiant heating to push out heated air via the fins. You can simply plug it in a power outlet and it will continuously distribute heat to your room.

Oil-filled electric radiators can make a clicking noise when they heat up – this is completely normal as it is caused by the expansion of the oil inside. The oil takes time to get warm, especially when the radiator is heating up in the cold.

There is no need to refill or replace the oil as it does not burn or evaporate. This radiator is sealed completely and the oil inside won't go anywhere; it simply serves as a vessel for the heat rather than as a fuel.

This radiator provides ultimate safety with a set of safety features, including V0-rated flame retardance, overheat sensor and tip-over switch to protect against unexpected situations. It also comes with a child lock to prevents children from changing settings when adults are not around.

Equipped with an energy-saving ECO mode, this radiator adapts its working power based on the ambient temperature to provide the most suitable heating, helping you save more on your heating bills.

This heater will cease heating if it gets tipped over or reaches the temperature threshold for triggering overheat protection.

The battery is pre-installed on the remote control. Please check the remote control to see if the battery is inside. If any of the contents are missing, please contact our customer support to arrange the shipment of the missing item(s). We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


DR-HSH005 User Manual

V1.0 21-07-20