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Dreo Pilot Pro Tower Fan

Dreo Pilot Pro Tower Fan

Models: DR-HTF005, DR-HTF005S

Majestic from every angle and formidable in every breeze.


Make sure that the cord is connected to a powered outlet and the mains voltage corresponds with the voltage indicated on the fan.

Check if the power adaptor is securely inserted into the power outlet and the tower fan.

To Press the power button on the control panel or via remote.

Please re-plug the power adapter.

Then press the power button/remote control.

Please switch the fan speed to a higher level.

We recommend you check the air inlet/outlet and see if there are any obstacles and abnormal deformations.

Please switch the fan speed to a higher level and normal mode.

Remove any tall obstacles that might block the airflow from the fan.

Position the tower fan closer to you to get more direct airflow.

Note that this is not an air conditioner. Combine with your AC unite to circulate air more efficiently.

Q: Why my tower fan is making vibration and noise?

A:•Place the fan on a flat, level surface.

•Check whether the base of the tower fan is correctly assembled.

Do not operate the tower fan if the base has not been installed.

Method 1: Press the mute button on the remote control to turn on/off button sounds.

Method 2: Press the mute button on the control panel to turn on/off button sounds.

Usually, fan speed decreases every 30 minutes. Speed decreases by two levels at most and will remain constant if at level 3,2 or 1.

The sound of the prompt will automatically turn off.

Check if the fan body is stuck or entangled by the cable.

Press the oscillation button on the control panel or via remote. Please check if there’s an Oscillation icon on the top left corner of the screen.

Please make sure if it is due to that the timer is on.

Remote control batteries are old & used or inserted incorrectly in the battery compartment.

A: Replace with new batteries. Follow the polarity guide inside the battery compartment.

Please contact our Customer support at (888) 290-1688 or email: Please be sure to have your product model number for reference. You can find the model number on the back side of the unit.

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DR-HTF005 User Manual



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