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Dreo PolyFan 513S Air Circulator Fan

Dreo PolyFan 513S Air Circulator Fan

Model: DR-HAF003S

Dreo PolyFan Max S Smart all-in-one air circulator with 100ft turbo airflow, 120°+105° omnidirectional oscillation and 25dB ultra-quiet performance


1. Download the Dreo App by scanning the QR code in the Quick Start Guide/User Manual.

2. Once you log in, tap + Add Device on the app. (Make sure to enable Bluetooth on your mobile device and plug in the Dreo appliance).

3. Select the Dreo appliance you want to link.

4. Hold the Oscillation button for 5 seconds to start Wi-Fi connection settings. The WiFi icon will keep flashing when pairing.

5. Select your WiFi, enter your password, and tap Next to connect to the network. The WiFi icon will keep flashing when pairing.

6. You are now ready to control the appliance on your app. Start by giving your Tower Fan a new name! Hold the oscillation button again for 5 seconds to restart the network setup.

This oscillating fan uses aerodynamic technology to generate a smoother airflow, producing a noise level of around 25dB during operation, making it a quiet fan that won't disturb your sleep.

This fan has 6 working modes with a total of 8 fan speed levels from level 1 to level 8. In Auto mode, the fan speed can adapt to the ambient temperature and change accordingly.

Yes, the grill and blades of this fan can be disassembled. The following disassembly steps are for reference only:

1. Remove the screw on the front grille and rotate the grille counterclockwise to take it off.

2. Remove the blade cap by rotating it as shown and take the blade assembly out of the shaft.

3. Rinse the cap, blades, and grille under running water or with a clean, damp cloth.

4. Dry up all parts, and insert the blade assembly back into the shaft by aligning the D-shaped points in the center.

5. Align the point on the front grille with the right point on the casing, then rotate the grille clockwise and install the screw back in place. Repeat the steps for the rear grille.

This fan has a Display Auto off function. If there is no operation for 1 minute, the screen will automatically turn off, and the indicator light will also go off. You can wake up the screen and indicator light by touching any button. To disable this feature, please go to the Dreo app.

If the indicator light does not turn on when you turn on the fan, please contact

1. Ensure that the cord is connected to a powered outlet, and the mains voltage corresponds to the voltage indicated on the air circulator.

2. Check if the power adapter is securely inserted into the power outlet and the air circulator.

3. Press the power button on the control panel or via remote to turn on/off the air circulator.

1. Replug the power adapter.

2. Press the power button/remote control to power on the air circulator.

3. Check the air inlet/outlet and see if there are any obstacles or abnormal deformations.

1. Check if the surface is flat.

2. Check that the base is properly installed as instructed.

3. Check if the base of the fan is normal, as foreign objects may affect stability.

1. Switch the fan speed to a higher one.

2. Clean the inlet grills and test the air circulator again.

3. Check if the air inlet is blocked by any obstacles.

1. Test with remote control.

2. If possible, take a short video and send it to

1. Test by controlling the air circulator via the control panel.

2. Replace the battery in the remote as instructed in the User Manual.

Note: Danger of explosion if the battery is incorrectly replaced. Replace only with the same or equivalent type.

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