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Product Support

Dreo Portable Oscillating Desk Space Heater

Dreo Portable Oscillating Desk Space Heater

Model: DR-HSH004

Sitting quietly on a desk, a counter or a bedside table, it always gives you heart-warming heat even in the coldest weather.


This heater can is designed to be compact and portable, ideal for warming on your desktop or under the desk in winter.

This is an electric space heater with a built-in PTC ceramic heating element requiring an electrical supply.

This heater provides ultimate safety with a set of safety features, including V0-rated flame retardance, overheat sensor and tip-over switch to protect against unexpected situations. The prongs are also specially treated to prevent being bent out of place during use.

Equipped with an energy-saving ECO mode, this heater adapts its working power based on the ambient temperature to provide the most suitable heating, helping you save more on your heating bills.

This heater will cease heating if it gets tipped over, or runs continuously for 24 hours, or reaches the temperature threshold for triggering overheat protection.

The battery is pre-installed on the remote control. Please check the remote control to see if the battery is inside. If any of the contents are missing, please contact our customer support to arrange the shipment of the missing item(s). We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


DR-HSH004 User Manual

V1.0 21-07-20