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Product Support

Dreo Strider 07

Dreo Strider 07

Model: DR-HTF007


Please check if the display indicator is on, ensure that the voltage and frequency are the same as required in the user manual (US: 120V 60Hz), or test with another socket.

Please make sure the power button on the control panel is abnormal by turning it on via the remote control.

Check if it can be turned on through the Dreo app.

Please re-plug the power adapter.

Then press the power button/remote control.

We recommend you check the air inlet/outlet and see if there are any obstacles and abnormal deformations.

Please switch the fan speed to a higher one.

Then switch to normal mode.

We recommend you clean the inlet grills and test the tower fan again.

Q:Why is the tower fan not quiet?

A:The noise level is about 35dB at the lowest speed. The higher the gear setting of the tower fan, the louder the noise will be. We recommend turning down the fan speed to see if the noise decreases. Otherwise, please try the following steps.

If you can, please take a short video and send it to as soon as possible.

Please relocate the fan.

Then try to apply lubricant to the base if the noise only happens while the fan rotates.

After power on, choose the normal mode, press and hold the mode button for 3-5 seconds. Should mute the prompt sound.

Usually, fan speed decreases every 30 minutes. Speed decreases by two levels at most and will remain constant if at level 1. The sound of the prompt will automatically turn off.

Please test with the remote control.

If you can, please take a short video and send it to as soon as possible.

Please test by controlling the tower fan via the control panel.

Then replace the battery in the remote as instructed in the User Manual.

Note: Danger of explosion if the battery is replaced incorrectly. Replace only with the same or equivalent type.

Check whether the floor is flat.

Check whether the base of the tower fan is well placed. Foreign objects may affect stability.

Please make sure if it is due to that the timer is on.

If you can, please take a short video and send it to as soon as possible.

You can turn the screen off by switching the style to sleep mode. It will automatically turn off within 5 seconds.

Please check if there is an OSC icon on the lower right corner of the screen to make sure if the OSC function is on.

Then check if the fan body is stuck or entangled by the cable.