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Dreo TwinCool Inverter Air Conditioner

Dreo TwinCool Inverter Air Conditioner

Model: DR-HAC001

Blowing cold air in your living space, it turns every corner into a perfect summer retreat wherever you take it.


This portable air conditioner can fit most sliding windows and hung windows. Window requirements: SlidING window: width 26.8''-49'', sill level height: 4''-47''. Hung window: length 26.8''-49'', sill level height: 4''-47''

There is no need to drill. The pre-assembled design cuts the installation time so you can get the cool quickly and easily. Engineered to fit most hung/sliding windows without permanent installation.

The installation is very simple and you can install it by yourself. Please refer to our user manual for more detailed instructions or check our video guide here:

This portable air conditioner is capable of cooling spaces up to 450 sq ft. The cooling capacity rating is 12,000 BTUs (British Thermal Units) under ASHRAE standards and 10,000 BTUs under DOE SACC standards.

This portable air conditioner drains all condensation automatically thanks to its self-evaporating design. You can also drain through the included tube.

Single hose air conditioners pulls warm air out of the room and expels it outside through an exhaust hose. When air is pushed out of a room it creates negative pressure and requires air exchange. As a result, any openings in the house, such as doors, windows and cracks, draw hot air from outside into the room to offset the lost air. Dreo TwinCool dual hose air conditioner integrates an intake vent and an exhaust vent to ensure efficient air circulation, thereby eliminating the air pressure difference.

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DR-HAC001 User Manual