Enjoy Efficient and Comfortable Heating with DREO's Solaris 317 Space Heater

At DREO, we understand the importance of staying warm and comfortable during the colder months. That's why we have developed the Solaris 317 Space Heater, a versatile and efficient solution for your heating needs. Whether you're looking to warm up a small room or create a cozy atmosphere in your living space, our portable heater for room is designed to provide precise temperature control, even heat distribution, and energy-saving features. In this article, we will explore the benefits and features of the electric space heaters, the perfect companion for those chilly winter days.



Precise Temperature Control for Personalized Comfort

With the Solaris 317 electric space heaters, you have complete control over your room's temperature. Our room heater with thermastat allows you to set your preferred temperature between 41-95℉ with ±1℉ increments. This precise temperature control ensures that you can achieve your desired level of warmth, creating a comfortable environment for you and your family. Say goodbye to constantly adjusting the heat settings - the Solaris 317 Space Heater gives you the power to enjoy personalized comfort effortlessly.


Even Heat Distribution for a Cozy Space

Nobody likes sitting in a room where only a small portion is warm while the rest remains chilly. With the electric space heaters' 70-degree oscillation function, you can say goodbye to uneven heat distribution. The oscillation feature ensures that warmth reaches every corner of your room, providing a cozy and comfortable environment. Whether you're working at your desk, relaxing on the couch, or spending time with loved ones, you can enjoy consistent and even heating throughout the space.


Energy-Saving Eco Mode for Efficiency

At DREO, we are committed to creating products that are not only effective but also energy-efficient. The portable heater for room features an energy-saving Eco mode that automatically adjusts the heat levels to maintain your desired temperature while saving energy in the process. This smart feature not only helps reduce your energy consumption but also contributes to cost savings on your utility bills. Enjoy the warmth and comfort you desire without worrying about excessive energy usage.



When the cold weather sets in, there's no better feeling than stepping into a warm and cozy room. With DREO's room heater with thermastat, you can elevate your winter comfort to new heights. Experience the joy of precise temperature control, ensuring that your space is heated just the way you like it. Say goodbye to chilly corners with the 70-degree oscillation function, as the warmth embraces every nook and cranny. And with the energy-saving Eco mode, not only will you stay cozy, but you'll also contribute to a greener planet. The Solaris 317 Space Heater is more than just a portable heater for room; it's a gateway to a winter filled with comfort, relaxation, and peace of mind. Embrace the warmth and embrace the season with DREO's Solaris 317 Space Heater – the perfect room heater with thermastat for those chilly winter days and nights.

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