Increase Workspace Comfort with DREO Smart Electric Heaters Mounted on Walls

Do you need to feel more warm in your workplace or office? You need not worry any longer, as DREO's cutting-edge smart wall-mounted electric heaters are the ideal answer to your problems. Our DREO heaters are built to transform the way you feel warm in your workspace with features like rapid and accurate temperature adjustment, DREO smart home appliances, smart control capabilities, and spreading warmth. Let's explore and find out why DREO heaters are the best option for every heating requirement.

Widespread Warmth for Enhanced Comfort

Experience unparalleled warmth and comfort with DREO's 120° wide oscillation heating. Unlike regular wall-mounted electric heaters, our DREO heaters distribute warm air evenly from top to bottom, ensuring that every corner of your room receives fast and efficient heat. Say goodbye to cold spots and hello to all-day comfort with DREO.


Smart Control for Seamless Integration

Take control of your heating experience with DREO's smart home appliances control capabilities. Schedule room heating hours to match your routine, access your heater settings from anywhere with the DREO app, or even use your voice to control it, thanks to Alexa and Google Home compatibility. With DREO smart home appliances, managing your workspace temperature has never been easier.


Fast and Accurate Temperature Control

Enjoy precise control over your room temperature with DREO's fast and accurate temperature control. Set the room temperature as you like. Choose from a range of 41 to 95°F with an unprecedented 1°F accuracy. Our PTC ceramic space heater brings fast and steady heating for an exceptional comfort experience, ensuring that you stay warm and cozy all day long.


Ready for a Good Night's Sleep

Experience uninterrupted sleep with DREO's smart heater for the bedroom. Our heaters automatically adjust their LED panel brightness to low-light conditions while delivering warmth with lower noise levels. With DREO, you can rest easy, knowing that nothing will interrupt your well-deserved rest.


Hassle-Free Installation and Maintenance

Say goodbye to installation headaches and maintenance hassles with DREO's wall-mounted heaters. Our package comes with all the accessories you need, including a convenient drilling guide with easy-to-follow steps. Additionally, keeping your wall-mounted heater like new is super convenient thanks to its reusable filter and detachable design.



In conclusion, DREO's smart wall-mounted electric heaters are the ultimate solution for enhancing comfort and productivity in your workspace. With features like widespread warmth, smart control capabilities, and fast and accurate temperature control, our heaters are designed to revolutionize the way you experience warmth in your workspace. Upgrade your heating game today with DREO and experience the difference for yourself.

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