Experience Ultimate Comfort with Our DREO Home Heater

Designed to provide 360°whole-home warmth, our room radiator heater is the ideal choice for any room in your house. With features like fast, quiet 1500W heating, triple overheat protection, personalized comfort settings, energy efficiency modes, and user-friendly design, our DREO heater is sure to meet all your heating needs. Let's explore why our DREO home heater is the ultimate choice for your comfort and convenience.

Efficient Whole-Home Warmth 

Experience fast and efficient heating with our DREO room radiator heater. With 1500W of power and advanced fins for superior heat dispersion, our heater ensures that every corner of your home stays warm and cozy.


Peaceful Safety Features

At DREO, safety is our top priority. Our home heater is equipped with triple overheat protection, fire-resistant materials, and tilt protection, ensuring that it operates safely and reliably at all times. With an ETL listing and seven safety checks, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your family and home are protected.


Personalized Comfort Settings

Take control of your comfort with our DREO home heater's personalized comfort features. Eco mode allows for temperature control, while a precise sensor and smart algorithms maintain even warmth in any room. Whether you prefer toasty warmth or gentle heat, our heater ensures that your comfort needs are met.


Energy Efficiency Modes

Our DREO home heater offers three energy efficiency modes – 600W, 900W, and 1500W – as well as an eco mode for optimized energy consumption and bill savings. With our heater, you can enjoy warmth without worrying about skyrocketing energy costs.


User-Friendly Design

Our home heater features a user-friendly design with a large LED display, touchscreen controls, remote control, easy mobility, child lock, mute, screen-off modes, and a 24-hour timer for pre-heated comfort. With our heater, convenience is at your fingertips.



In conclusion, our DREO home heater is the perfect solution for keeping your home warm and comfortable throughout the winter months. With features like efficient whole-home warmth, peaceful safety features, personalized comfort settings, energy efficiency modes, and a user-friendly design, our heater is designed to meet all your heating needs. Upgrade your home comfort today with our DREO home heater and experience the difference for yourself.


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