Product Security Policy

1. Dreo Product Security Policy

Welcome to the Dreo Product Security Center! Here, you can find essential information about the Security of our products and understand how we are dedicated to providing you with a secure and reliable product experience.

Product Security Standards

At Dreo, we strictly adhere to global security standards to ensure that every product is a trusted companion for you. From the early design stages to the production process, each step is carefully considered to ensure compliance with international security certifications.

Frequently Asked Questions Quick Guide
  • How should I maintain my Dreo product to ensure optimal security performance? Regularly inspect your product and perform cleaning and maintenance according to our user guide.
  • What should I do if I discover potential security issues with the product? Please contact us immediately through our email, and we will promptly address your report.
  • How can I inquire about security updates for Dreo products? You can find the latest Security information here to ensure your product remains in the best condition.

Thank you for choosing Dreo; we look forward to continuing to provide you with safe and reliable products and services.


2. How to Report Security Vulnerabilities or Issues to Dreo

At Dreo, we strictly adhere to global security standards to ensure that every product is a trusted companion for you. From the early design stages to the production process, each step is carefully considered to ensure compliance with international security certifications.

Reporting Steps:
1. Identify the issue: Please provide a detailed description of the security problem or vulnerability you have identified, including the product model where the issue occurred and specific circumstances.
2. Collect information: If possible, please provide steps to reproduce the issue, the scope of its impact, and any relevant screenshots or logs.
3. Submit the report: Please send an email to to report the issue to our product security team.


    3. Dreo Security Issue Handling Procedure

    Upon receiving your report regarding security vulnerabilities or issues, our professional team initiates the following processing procedure:

    1. Preliminary Assessment: Our team of security experts will conduct preliminary assessment of the report to determine its validity and severity.
    2. Issue Investigation: If the report is confirmed as valid, we conduct an in-depth investigation to understand the specific causes and scope of the problem.
    3. Solution Development: Based on the investigation results, our engineering team develops appropriate solutions, such as software updates or security patches to address identified vulnerabilities.
    4. Testing and Verification: Before implementing any corrective measures, we conduct rigorous testing to ensure the effectiveness of the solution and prevent the introduction of new issues.
    5. Implementation and Notification: Once the solution is ready, we implement it through the appropriate channels and notify relevant users with detailed information about the updates.


      4. Our Commitment to Response

      We commit to providing a response within 72 hours of receiving your information. Thank you for contributing to the enhancement of Dreo product security.

      Maintaining Transparency and Communication

      Throughout the entire processing, we are dedicated to maintaining transparency and communication with the reporter. We provide regular progress updates and release result reports to relevant stakeholders after resolving the issue.

      Your Participation is Crucial

      We appreciate your active participation; your reports directly contribute to improving the security of our products and safeguarding the interests of all Dreo users.


      5. Privacy and Confidentiality

      At Dreo, we highly value the privacy and confidentiality of your information. When you report security vulnerabilities or issues to us, we commit to handling your personal information with the utmost standards.

      1. Privacy Protection: We assure strict protection of the reporter's personal information when processing security issue reports. Unless we obtain your explicit consent, we will not disclose your identity or contact information to third parties. *For more information about Dreo's privacy policy and how we safeguard your personal data, please refer to our Dreo Privacy Policy.
      2. Information Confidentiality: Concerning the security issues you report, we maintain strict confidentiality until the resolution of the problem. This measure is taken to prevent the spread of potential security threats.
      3. Data Security: We employ advanced technologies and procedures to protect collected data from unauthorized access, use , or disclosure.
      Your Trust, Our Responsibility
      We understand that your trust in us is built upon respect and protection of your privacy. We pledge relentless efforts to ensure the security of your information and appreciate your contribution to enhancing the security of Dreo products.


      6. Legal Disclaimer

      Thank you for choosing Dreo and assisting us in ensuring the security of our products. We want to explicitly assure you that, regarding the security vulnerabilities or issues you report to us, you will not face any legal repercussions.

      1. Protection of Reporters: When you responsibly and lawfully report security issues, we commit not to take any legal action against you. We respect and protect the rights of contributors.
      2. Legitimate Reporting: We encourage you to discover and report security vulnerabilities within legal boundaries and in adherence to appropriate ethical standards.
      3. Compliance: Dreo insists on compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, expecting reporters to similarly abide by relevant legal requirements.
      4. Confidentiality Agreement: For specific security issues, we may request reporters to sign a confidentiality agreement to protect the non-disclosure of technical details until the problem is adequately resolved.
        Our Commitment

        At Dreo, we are dedicated to maintaining high standards of product security and appreciate your active participation and support. We commit to handling your reports with the utmost respect and diligence.

        Dreo Product Update Announcements

        Here, you can find detailed information about the latest software updates, security patches, and feature improvements for our products. Regularly check this page for the most up-to-date product update information, ensuring your Dreo products always operate in the safest and most stable conditions.

        Update History


        7. Acknowledgment: Gratitude to Security Contributors

        At Dreo, we deeply understand the importance of product security and recognize that it is a task that requires collective efforts from various stakeholders. Here, we would like to express special thanks to those who have assisted us in identifying and resolving product security issues.

        Your Efforts, Our Progress

        Each report directly contributes to raising our product security standards, creating a safer usage environment for all Dreo users. We commit to continuous efforts to ensure that your valuable suggestions receive due attention and implementation.

        Building a Safer Future Together

        Thank you for collaborating with us to enhance product security. Dreo will continue to dedicate itself to collaborating with our users and the security research community to advance the development of security technologies.


        8. Contacting Us

        If you have any questions regarding the security of Dreo products or wish to report security vulnerabilities, we encourage you to contact us via email ( Your feedback is highly valuable to us, and we pledge to treat each report and inquiry seriously.


        9. Dreo Product Security Update Assurance

        To ensure continuous security protection for our users, Dreo commits to providing long-term security update support for our products. The following are our assurances regarding product security updates:

        1. Long-term Support: From the initial product release date, each product is guaranteed to receive security update support for at least 3 years. During this period, we will regularly review and address any issues that may affect product security.
        2. Update Frequency: Dreo will periodically release security updates based on the specific needs of the product and changes in the security environment. Significant security threats will be prioritized.
        3. Update Notifications: When new security updates are available, we will notify our users through appropriate channels such as the product interface, email, or our official website.
        4. The Android security patch update depends on Google Policy. If the Android security patch is no longer updated within 3 years, related product cannot be updated for the Android security patch. For other update, we will follow our policy.
        5. If the support period will be extended, the new defined support period will be published as soon as is practicable.
        6. The defined support period will not shorten after the publication.
        7. For product-specific security update dates, please refer to the following: Dreo Product Security Update Dates:
          Continued Commitment to Your Security

          At Dreo, we are dedicated to providing you with secure and reliable products. We understand the importance of security updates and commit to ongoing investment of resources to ensure the security of our products.

          Dreo Product Security Update Dates:
          • Tower Fans
          • Air Purifiers
          • Air Circulators
          • Space Heaters
          • Combi Fryer
          • Air Conditioner
          • Ceiling Fan


          Tower Fans:
          Product:                 Guaranteed updated until:
          DR-HTF001S 2026-01-04
          DR-HTF004S 2026-01-04
          DR-HTF005S 2026-10-26
          DR-HTF007S 2026-01-04
          DR-HTF008S 2026-02-05
          DR-HTF009S 2027-01-19
          DR-HTF010S 2026-11-10
          Air Purifiers:
          Product:                  Guaranteed updated until:
          DR-HAP002S  2026-01-04
          DR-HAP003S 2026-01-04


          Air Circulators:
          Product:                   Guaranteed updated until:
          DR-HAF001S 2026-02-25
          DR-HAF003S 2026-02-25
          DR-HAF004S 2026-02-25
          DR-HPF001S 2026-01-16
          DR-HPF002S 2026-01-16
          DR-HPF004S 2026-01-16
          DR-HPF005S 2026-01-16


          Space Heaters:
          Product:                Guaranteed updated until:
          DR-HSH004S 2026-06-20
          DR-HSH006S 2027-05-30
          DR-HSH009S 2026-06-20
          DR-HSH0017S 2027-05-30


          Combi Fryer:
          Product:                 Guaranteed updated until:
          DR-KCM001S 2026-03-17


          Air Conditioner:
          Product:                Guaranteed updated until:
          DR-HAC005S 2027-01-30
          DR-HAC006S 2027-01-30


          Ceiling Fan:
          Product:               Guaranteed updated until:
          DR-HCF001S 2027-02-30
          DR-HCF002S 2027-02-30
          DR-HCF003S 2027-02-30