A Quick Review of DREO New PolyFan 704S – Get Ready for the Summer

Time for people to sweat and stan in front of fans or AC, hoping that the comfy yet chilly wind will go through the inside of our bodies. At that time, you may imagine a bucket of icy water; sorry, we are not doing the ALS challenge; cold water trickles down faces and bodies and splashes on the ground. Isn’t it mind-blowing?

To simulate the awesome imagination during the always-break-record heat season approaches, DREO has introduced the DREO PolyFan 704S into the PolyFan lineup, adding to the more innovative and powerful cooling solutions.



What’s new About DREO PolyFan 704S?

DREO PolyFan 704S is a pedestal fan with a relatively compact body; thus, many will wonder if it is as powerful as it is referred to as one of the “most powerful all-in-one fans.” Here, let’s take a comprehensive look at the powerful air circulator fan.




9 inches




60 Hz

Adapter Type


Wind Level

9 Level


DC Brushless Motor

Maximum Wind Speed


Maximum Wind Distance


Noise Level

25dB - 51dB

Height Adjustment Range


Oscillation Angle

120˚ vertical; 150˚ horizontal

Smart Control

Available for DREO APP, Alexa, Goole Home

Unique Designs of DREO 704S PolyFan

Ever since its introduction, the poly fan has received a great market response revolving around the large and omnidirectional wind it can deliver. The unprecedented winding experience -- large, even, and quiet - it can offer relies on the repetitive-tested designs, such as air booster design and bionic blade design.


Air booster structure

The Air Booster Structure of the DREO 704S Polyfan revolutionizes indoor air circulation, enhancing airflow reach and promoting better airflow dynamics within enclosed spaces.  

The optimization realized by gathering air within the fan unit before propelling it outward, resulting in superior directional airflow and extended reach compared to conventional fans.

Extending the reach of airflow effectively stirs the air in distant areas, facilitating widespread circulation and addressing issues such as stuffiness and uneven cooling.

Moreover, the turbofan blade design increases airflow volume and velocity, aiding air conditioning systems in achieving faster and more uniform cooling throughout the space.


Bionic blade design

Enlightened by the owl’s wings, the bionic blade is designed for the utmost quietness. The new wind turbine blades incorporate advanced 3D serrated trailing edge design technology, emulating the comb-like structure found on the edges of owl wings.

This precision-designed and processed trailing edge aims to achieve a dual objective of noise reduction and performance enhancement. Specifically, during the design phase of the wind turbine blades, a three-dimensional structural concept is employed.

Through meticulous adjustments to factors such as the shape, size, angle, and distribution of the serrations, efforts are made to optimize aerodynamic noise characteristics while simultaneously improving the efficiency of the blades. This innovation represents a pioneering and practical step forward in the wind power industry, combining cutting-edge technology with utility.



What’s Great About DREO 704S PolyFan

Air boosting

Thanks to the air booster design, the air circulator fan can deliver power wind up to 110 FT for whole-room circulation.


Omni-direction oscillation (pioneer)

Omnidirectional oscillation is the industry-leading or pioneering design. It can oscillate 120˚ vertically and 150˚ horizontally, covering a spreading area.




704S is powered by TurboSilent patented technology; the bionic blade design can minimize the operation noise down to 25.


Smart control

The new PolyFan, like the other DREO home appliances, can be controlled through the DREO App and can be connected to Alexa and Google Home. The availability of remote control allows us to control, monitor, and estimate energy consumption. The utmost convenience is the must-go trend of household appliances in this age.

  • On top of that, the air circulator fan adopts
  • Timer: turn on/off at a regular time
  • Child lock: to protect the children from accidental tilt or falling down
  • Memory: the fan will remember the previous setting and operate the second time.



Multiple Modes Available

Normal Mode

Runs at a fixed speed

Auto Mode

Adapts to the ambient temperature

Turbo Mode

Runs at the maximum speed

Natural Mode

Varies the fan speed to simulate a natural breeze

Custom Mode

Set your desired speed.

Sleep Mode

Air circulator speed decreases every 30 minutes, offering Level 1 to Level 9 options.


For more information about DREO PolyFan 704S and other innovative summer solutions, you can visit DREO.

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