DREO Smart Home Appliances: Improve Indoor Air Quality

Our mission at DREO is to develop smart home appliances that improve your convenience and comfort. To provide you with the best possible heating experience, our oil radiator heater combines cutting-edge technology, simplicity of use, portability, and premium diathermic oil. In this post, we will go over the characteristics and advantages of our DREO oil radiator heater, focusing on its tool-free assembly, superior diathermic oil, uncomplicated operation, and multidirectional mobility.



Effortless Operation for Customized Comfort

 We understand the importance of easy operation when it comes to your comfort. Our DREO oil filled radiator heater features a straightforward LED display and control panel, allowing you to customize your thermostat settings from 40-95℉. With options to set the timer for 1-24 hours, select heating modes (1500W/900W/600W/ECO), activate the child lock, and more, you have complete control over your heating preferences. Enjoy effortless comfort with DREO's oil filled radiator heater.


Easy to Move with Recess and Universal Wheels

 We believe in providing convenience and flexibility in your heating solutions. Our DREO oil filled radiator heater is designed with a recess at the back, making it easier to pull or push the heater as needed. The inclusion of universal wheels allows you to move the heater effortlessly to any desired location, whether it's your garage, basement, or any other space in your home. Experience the freedom to heat any area with DREO's oil filled radiator heater.


Premium Diathermic Oil for Long-Lasting Performance

 We prioritize the quality and longevity of our products. The internal oil in our DREO oil filled radiator heater features high purity, ensuring safe and efficient heating. With a completely sealed design, the oil never evaporates or disappears, eliminating the need for refills and changes. The oil remains stable even at extreme temperatures, with no risk of ignition at 446°F or loss of flowability at -0.4°F. Experience long-lasting performance and worry-free heating with DREO's oil filled radiator heater.


Convenient Casters for Stability and Mobility

 We believe in providing hassle-free solutions for your convenience. Our DREO oil filled radiator heater comes with 4 casters that make assembly a breeze. Simply pull apart the bottom brackets, insert the casters, and press them into the holes. No tools are needed! The casters ensure stable positioning of the heater while allowing for easy mobility whenever required. Enjoy instant use and effortless movement with DREO's oil filled radiator heater.



 With DREO's oil filled radiator heater, you can elevate your comfort and experience superior heating in any space. Enjoy effortless operation through the LED display and control panel, allowing for customized adjustments. Benefit from multidirectional mobility with the recess and universal wheels, enabling you to heat any area of your home. Experience long-lasting performance with the premium diathermic oil that requires no refills or changes. And enjoy tool-free assembly for instant use and convenience. Choose DREO heaters and transform your heating experience with our oil filled radiator heater.

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