DREO WH719S Smart Wall-Mounted Heater: The Perfect Blend of Comfort and Convenience

Welcome to the world of DREO, where exceptional warmth and effortless control come together to create the ultimate heating experience. Our latest innovation, the WH719S Smart Wall-Mounted Heater, is designed to provide widespread warmth while offering smart features that seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle. With its advanced technology and user-friendly design, this wall-mounted electric heater with thermostat sets a new standard for comfort and convenience.



Widespread Warmth with Efficient Distribution
Our DREO WH719S Smart Wall-Mounted Heater features 120° wide oscillation heating, ensuring that warm air is distributed evenly from top to bottom. Gone are the days of cold corners in your room. Say hello to faster heat delivery and a more comfortable living environment. Compared to regular wall-mounted heaters, our WH719S offers superior efficiency, making it a reliable choice for your heating needs.


Smart Control for a Seamless Lifestyle
At DREO, we believe in making your life easier. With our WH719S, you can schedule room heating hours to match your routine, allowing you to enjoy warmth whenever you need it. Thanks to the Dreo app, controlling your heater is as easy as a tap on your smartphone. And if you prefer a hands-free approach, our WH719S is compatible with Alexa and Google Home, letting you adjust the temperature using just your voice.


Fast and Accurate Temperature Control
Customize your room temperature with precision using the WH719S. With a range of 41 to 95°F and an unprecedented 1°F accuracy, you have complete control over your comfort level. Our PTC ceramic space heater ensures fast and steady heating, guaranteeing an exceptional experience every time. Say goodbye to chilly mornings and hello to a cozy environment throughout the day.


A Good Night's Sleep, Guaranteed
We understand the importance of uninterrupted sleep. That's why the WH719S is designed to create the perfect sleeping environment. The smart heater automatically adjusts its LED panel brightness to low-light conditions, ensuring minimal disturbance during your slumber. Additionally, its low noise operation provides warmth without any distractions, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful night's sleep.


Hassle-Free Installation and Stress-Free Maintenance
Installing and maintaining your wall-mounted heater has never been easier. The WH719S comes with all the necessary accessories, including a convenient drilling guide with easy-to-follow steps. Rest assured, we've made the process hassle-free for you. Cleaning and maintaining your heater is also a breeze, thanks to its reusable filter and detachable design. Keep it looking and performing like new effortlessly.


Experience the next level of comfort and control with our DREO WH719S Smart Wall-Mounted Electric Heater. Its efficient heating, smart features, precise temperature control, and sleep-friendly design make it the ideal choice for any home or office environment. Say goodbye to cold corners and hello to warmth that caters to your needs. Invest in our WH719S today and embrace a life of cozy comfort.

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