Introducing the DREO Solaris 317 Space Heater: Powerful, Safe and Portable

Welcome to DREO, where innovation meets comfort. Our brand-new Solaris 317 Space Heater is built to provide powerful heat for any space, offering efficient and widespread indoor heating. Designed with enhanced safety features and a focus on user-friendly operation, this portable heater for rooms ensures a warm and cozy environment, while keeping your safety a top priority.




Powerful Heat for Any Space
Experience the exceptional heating capabilities of the Solaris 317 Space Heater. With its 1500W Hyperamics PTC system, these electric space heaters deliver fast and efficient warmth, ensuring that even the coldest corners of your room are cozy and comfortable. No matter the size of your space, the Solaris 317 has the power to keep you warm during chilly winter days.



Enhanced Safety Features
At DREO, your safety is our utmost concern. That's why the Solaris 317 Space Heater comes equipped with a range of safety features. From the child-lock function to protect curious little hands, to the tip-over protection that automatically shuts off the heater if it is accidentally knocked over, we've got you covered. Plus, the flame retardant material, overheat protection, and safety plug are all ETL certified, ensuring peace of mind as you enjoy the warmth.


Quiet Operation for a Peaceful Environment
We understand the importance of a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, especially when using a heater in your home or office. The Solaris 317 is designed with a brushless DC motor and winglet fan, resulting in noise levels as low as 32dB. Say goodbye to irritating noise distractions and hello to a serene environment as you work, relax, or sleep.


Precise Temperature Control
Take control of your comfort with the Solaris 317's precise temperature control. Set your preferred temperature between 41-95℉, with increments as small as ±1℉ for accurate and efficient heating. No more guessing games or constantly adjusting the thermostat. Enjoy personalized warmth tailored to your liking.


Even Heat Distribution and Energy-Saving Eco Mode
The Solaris 317 features a 70-degree oscillation function, ensuring that heat is evenly distributed throughout your room. No more cold spots or uneven warmth. Additionally, the energy-saving Eco mode automatically adjusts heat levels to maintain your desired temperature, saving energy in the process. Stay warm without worrying about excessive energy consumption.


With our DREO Solaris 317 Space Heater, you can enjoy powerful and efficient heating in any space. Experience peace of mind with enhanced safety features and indulge in a quiet and cozy environment. The precise temperature control, even heat distribution, and energy-saving Eco mode further elevate your comfort and reduce energy costs. Embrace the warmth and convenience of the Solaris 317, your perfect portable heater for rooms. Stay comfortable and safe with us.

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