DREO Tower Purifier Fan MC710S Is Making a Debut

On April 9th, DREO will launch its flagship MultiComfort series product - the MC710S Tower Purifier Fan. It combines powerful air purification with cooling capabilities in one sleek unit, which is the trendy summer day solution this year.

Let's take a closer look at what makes the MC710S a must-have for creating a clean and comfortable environment in your home.



Introducing the MC710S: A Game-Changer in Home Comfort

DREOpurifier fan MC710S is an industry-first air purifier tower fan that utilizes dual motor control. The air purifier tower fan can cover your various demands in different seasons, be it full-capacity whole-room air purification and cooling down during the hard-to-deal-with days or somewhere in between that requires only one to work or two to work in a somehow modest way.


Brief Review on MC710S



Dual Independent DC Motor System


17.82 pounds

Product Dimensions

11.02"D x 11.02"W x 46.46"H

Noise Level

58.6dB(Max fan speed)

56.6dB(Max purification)

61.7dB(Dual motor max speed)


12 fans speeds

4 working modes

Purification only (Auto mode included)

Control Method

App, Remote, Touch, Voice

Air Flow Capacity

1558 Cubic Feet Per Minute


27 Feet Per Second

Wind Distance



Tower Fan Modes

Normal Mode

In Normal Mode, the tower fan operates at a constant speed setting, providing a steady flow of air.

This mode is suitable for general use when you simply want consistent airflow without any fluctuations.

Auto Mode

Auto Mode is designed to automatically adjust the fan speed based on the room's temperature and ambient conditions.

The tower fan's built-in sensors detect changes in temperature and humidity and adjust the fan speed accordingly to maintain a comfortable environment.

This mode is energy-efficient as it only uses the necessary power to maintain the desired conditions.

Sleep Mode

Sleep Mode is tailored for nighttime use or when you want a quieter operation.

In this mode, the tower fan operates at a lower speed or gradually decreases the speed over time to create a gentle breeze conducive to sleep.

It often features a dimmed display and quieter operation to minimize disturbances during sleep.

Breeze Mode

Breeze Mode simulates natural wind patterns, creating a more dynamic airflow experience.

It alternates between different fan speeds and patterns to mimic the sensation of a natural breeze, providing a refreshing and enjoyable airflow.

This mode is ideal for the weather that is below 22℃ when one needs a gentle, not chilly, one.


Purification Modes


l  Switch between 1-2-3-A-0 levels in Normal/Sleep/Auto Mode

l  Switch between 1-2-3-A levels in Breeze Mode

l  A: auto mode – adjust the speed according to the ambient air quality





Standout Features of MC710S Tower Purifier Fan

DREO has been committed to offering better performance and value through innovative design. As the pioneering air comfort solution, MC710S has been tested to outperform the industry average in the following aspects:


✓ Industry-first dual-motor technology

The leading item in the MultiComfort lineup, the MC710S purifier tower fan, showcases DREO's groundbreaking dual-motor control technology, setting a new standard in the industry. This innovation allows it to effortlessly switch between roles as a tower fan and an air purifier. Alternatively, users can combine both functions for optimal performance, providing a customizable experience with various wind and purifying settings.


✓ Ultra Purification

The MC710S purifier fan has a dual H13 True HEPA filtration system, which can trap particles as small as 0.3 micrometers with a capture rate north of 99.97%.



✓ Stronger and Faster Wind Delivery

The dual motor setup allows the MC710S to deliver air speeds up to 27 ft/s—2.3 times faster than single-motor tower fans. Clean, fresh air is propelled up to an ultra-long 40 ft range.




✓ Smart Control

The MC710S can detect changes in room temperature and air quality and automatically adjust them. Besides, the purifier fan can be controlled through the DREO APP or remote control. We can monitor temperature, air quality, and operation status in a breeze.




DREO's commitment to quality, modern technology, and user-centric design shines through in every aspect of the MC710S. This new cooling solution will strive to elevate your indoor air quality to new heights.

Enjoy your best time with DREO!



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