Elevate Your Comfort with DREO's Innovative Heating Solutions

At DREO, we understand the importance of staying warm and comfortable, especially during the colder months. That's why we're proud to offer a range of energy efficient space heaters, wall mounted electric heaters, and electric space heaters designed to meet your heating needs while maximizing efficiency and convenience. With features like precise temperature control, even heat distribution, and energy-saving modes, our heaters are the perfect addition to any home or office space.



Energy Efficient Space Heater: Optimizing Comfort

Our energy-efficient space heaters are made to use the least amount of energy possible while yet producing the ideal level of warmth. A digital thermostat with ±1°F increments that ranges from 41 to 95°F makes it simple to choose the ideal temperature for exact comfort management. In order to accommodate your preferred heating settings, our space heaters also feature three modes (Power Heat, ECO, and Fan Only) and a 1–12 hour off timer. Our heaters have overheat and tip-over protection features for added piece of mind because safety is also our first priority.


Wall Mounted Electric Heater: Smart Heating Solutions 

For those seeking a sleek and space-saving heating solution, our wall mounted electric heaters are the perfect choice. Designed for hassle-free installation and stress-free maintenance, these heaters are ideal for bedrooms, garages, and any room where space is limited. With features like automatic LED panel brightness adjustment for a good night's sleep and a reusable filter for easy maintenance, our wall-mounted heaters offer convenience and comfort in one package. Plus, DREO's 120° wide oscillation heating ensures widespread warmth, reaching every corner of your room efficiently.


Electric Space Heaters: Efficient and Effective Heating

 Our electric space heaters are engineered for precise temperature control and even heat distribution. With the ability to set your preferred temperature between 41-95℉ with ±1℉ increments, you can enjoy accurate and efficient heating tailored to your needs. The 70-degree oscillation function ensures warmth reaches every corner of your room, while the energy-saving Eco mode automatically adjusts heat levels to maintain your desired temperature, helping you save energy and reduce utility costs.



For maximum comfort and convenience in any living area, choose from DREO's selection of wall mounted electric heaters, electric space heaters, and energy efficient space heaters. Our heaters are made with cutting-edge technology and dependable operation to maximize comfort and save energy usage. With DREO's excellent heating solutions, you can keep toasty and warm all year long.

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