Experience Ultimate Comfort and Efficiency with DREO's Electric Space Heaters

Here at DREO, we're dedicated to providing innovative solutions to meet your heating needs. Our range of energy efficient space heaters, including wall mounted electric heaters and compact electric space heaters, is designed to deliver powerful warmth while prioritizing convenience and efficiency. With features like fast and accurate temperature control, smart control capabilities, and enhanced safety features, DREO's electric space heaters are the perfect choice for any space.



Compact and Portable: Your Heating Solution On-The-Go


When it comes to staying warm on chilly days, portability is key. That's why our energy efficient space heaters are designed to be compact, portable, and easy to carry. Whether you're working in your home office, relaxing in the living room, or traveling in your RV, DREO's electric space heaters provide reliable warmth wherever you need it most. With our Hyperamics™ advanced 1500W system, you can enjoy powerful heat in a lightweight and portable package.


Wall Mounted Electric Heaters: Seamlessly Integrated into Your Lifestyle

For a sleek and modern heating solution, look no further than DREO's wall mounted electric heaters. With smart control capabilities, you can schedule room heating hours to match your routine, access your heater settings from anywhere with the DREO app, or even use your voice to control it thanks to Alexa and Google Home compatibility. Our wall mounted electric heaters offer fast and accurate temperature control, allowing you to set the room temperature as you like with an unprecedented 1°F accuracy. Plus, with our new heat funnel design, you can enjoy efficient and widespread indoor heating without sacrificing style or space.


Electric Space Heaters: Power and Performance in Any Space

When it comes to heating larger spaces, DREO's electric space heaters deliver unmatched power and performance. Our 1500W Hyperamics PTC system ensures fast, efficient, and widespread indoor heating, so you can stay warm and comfortable no matter the size of your space. And with enhanced safety features like child-lock, tip-over protection, flame retardant material, overheat protection, and a safety plug, all ETL certified, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your family and home are protected. Plus, with our heater's quiet operation, you can create a peaceful environment with noise levels as low as 32dB.



 DREO's electric space heaters offer the perfect combination of power, efficiency, and convenience. Whether you're looking for a compact and portable solution, a sleek and modern wall-mounted heater, or powerful heating for larger spaces, DREO has you covered. Experience ultimate comfort and efficiency with DREO's electric space heaters today.

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