Combi Fryer vs Traditional Air Fryer: What are the Differences?

When it comes to air fryers, there’s no single design or solution that’s necessarily right for everyone - and this is highly important to keep in mind. Indeed, innovative and exciting new devices, such as the ground-breaking Dreo ChefMaker Combi Fryer, are making waves in the air frying industry.

These devices are proving to be incredibly versatile and practical for creating a broad range of complicated dishes, but they’re also wowing users with their cost-efficiency and simplicity. However, one question that many people are still wondering about is how combi fryers and traditional fryers differ. Well, we’ve outlined some core factors here to keep in mind.


Dreo ChefMaker Combi Fryer


Combi Fryer vs Traditional Air Fryer 

There are numerous key differences between a combi fryer and a traditional home air fryer machine. In line with this, considering the following factors could help you understand the core differences between these two smart kitchen appliances - in turn, allowing you to choose the ideal equipment for your needs.


✓ Stages of Cooking

There are countless features you may want from your choice of fryer, be it a combi fryer or a traditional air fryer. However, one of the most essential is the ability to monitor the status of your food during cooking; after all, no one wants to pull out a much-anticipated dish, only to find it’s blackened and overcooked. 

Unfortunately, this is where many traditional air fryers fail. Whereas a traditional home fryer machine will usually have a preset cooking programme, a specialist combi fryer is a little more advanced. For example, the ChefMaker Combi Fryer has several cooking stages, allowing for much more effective multi-stage cooking.


✓  Manipulation of Food Texture

Your home fryer machine can influence two core aspects of food texture: internal moisture retention and food temperature perception. Unfortunately, while traditional air fryers can offer good results if very carefully managed (and not without luck), innovative new combi fryers offer a far more practical solution. 

Devices such as the Dreo ChefMaker, for example, feature cold vapour temperature control to help ensure moisture retention during cooking, ensuring dishes come out tantalisingly moist and tender rather than dry and tough. Plus, with a dual-point probe, specialist combi fryer technology helps ensure even and accurate cooking throughout.


✓  Intelligence

It’s not just the physical features of a device that indicate its value in a home kitchen environment; the different innovative kitchen features, as well as the resources available with the device, can influence the system’s value significantly. 

Some of the core intelligence features of home fryer machines include the following:

  • Culinary guidelines: Generally, combi fryer technologies offer significantly better culinary guidelines than traditional fryers. This helps make it much easier for home cooks to use the device to create top-quality dishes.
  • Cooking progress indicator: If you typically struggle to judge how food will cook, choosing a combi fryer with an in-built cooking progress indicator could really help. The ChefMaker’s systems, for example, are precise to the nearest percentage; contrastingly, most traditional fryers only offer simple time and temperature indicators.
  • Upgradability: You may want to upgrade your home fryer machine in numerous ways. Unfortunately, the range of possible upgrades with traditional machines will often be more limited, so a combi fryer is a must if you want the maximum range of upgrade options specific to your requirements.
  • Personalisation: In addition to being upgradable, combi fryers are generally easier to personalise, with preferences being easy to set. Common examples of these include preferred cooking texture and levels of “doneness” (e.g., medium rare, rare, or well done).



An Introduction to CombiCook Technology

At this point, we’ve outlined some of the core differences you need to know between traditional technologies and modern smart combi fryers. However, there are several options on the market that you may want to consider - which begs the question: what’s so special about the Dreo ChefMaker? 

Well, the clue’s in the name. This innovative and revolutionary smart Combi fryer is packed with ground-breaking features, thus allowing cooks to make the most of their time in the kitchen. In addition to coming with a wide range of ChefMaker customised recipes, some of the most popular features of the device include:

  • Multi-stage cooking
  • 6-quart capacity with 6-inch LCD display
  • Cold vapour temperature control
  • Accurate measurements and monitoring
  • Three flexible cooking modes (Chef Mode, Classic Mode, and Probe Mode)
  • Unique personalisation systems (allowing you to customise your cooking) 
  • Countless customisation and upgrade options are available for users


Find the Ideal Home Fryer Machine for your Kitchen

If you’re ready to find your perfect kitchen addition, the Dreo ChefMaker combi fryer might just be the perfect choice. The device boasts countless great features, as well as countless customised recipes and the ability to tailor the cooking experience to your own preferences; as such, this highly versatile home fryer might just become your perfect new kitchen addition. Give it a go; you’ll never look back!


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