Pro-level Air Fryer for Making Michelin-starred Meals

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The World's First Self-cooking Technology

Multi-stage Cooking Replicates Chef's Techniques

CombiCook divides the cooking process into steps, resulting in a perfect balance between doneness, browning, juiciness, and aroma.

Automatically Adapts to Your Ingredients

Each steak undergoes a unique cooking process, meticulously crafted based on its unique composition. Ensuring flawless cooking across a variety of steaks and doneness levels.

Customizable Steak Doneness

Consistent Results, No Matter the Size

Master Every Steak Cut

Designed by Food Science

DREO assembled a team of experts to achieve what no appliance could: scientifically perfect cooking without requiring extensive hours of work and expertise.

3 Professional Cooking Modes

From fully automated chef-made presets, popular cooking styles, to precise temp setting modes, ChefMaker has it all.

What Food Experts are Saying

-- Guga Tosta --

"When I first saw ChefMaker I was skeptical. But the proof is in the pudding. It cooked everything very nicely. There was no hassle whatsoever throughout any of the cooks."

-- Sorted Food --

"We've done dozens of videos with pork belly I don't think in 13 years on the channel we've had it like this. I would never believe it because it's as simple as that you don't need to mess with it, it just works."

-- Tim Lee --

"I'm really impressed with the ChefMaker oven and ChefMaker is definitely could replace that air fryer, and yes it is the world's best combi air fryer that I would highly recommend the Dreo ChefMaker."

Media Accolades

Dreo’s Chefmaker Combi Fryer is a high-tech, algorithm-based option that does it all.
The Dreo ChefMaker has innovative cooking technology that will blow your mind.
A solid piece of kitchen equipment that is suitable for all culinary abilities.
Air fryers continue to innovate. This one from Dreo allows you to cook with food probe and water atomization system so you can get moist and crisp results.
Dreo ChefMaker, the best money no object.
Dreo ChefMaker has completely revolutionized the way people make their food.

Loved by Every Home Chef