AC515S Smart Air Conditioner, 12000BTU

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  • Massive Airflow: 12,000 BTU ASHRAE cooling, reaches up to 14 ft.
  • Quiet Operation: 46dB for minimal noise
  • Efficient cooling: Drainage-free in powerful cooling when the humidify under 85%
  • Smart Control: Manage with DREO app, Amazon Alexa or Google Home
  • 3-in-1 Functionality: Provides cooling, dehumidifying, and fan control modes
  • Easy Installation: Universal window kits fit windows from 17" to 53" in size or type.
Color: White
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Capacity: 400 Cubic Feet

Cooling Power: 12000 British Thermal Units

Product Dimensions: 14.37D x 17.32W x 28.13H

Voltage: 120 Volts

Noise Level: 46 dB

Refrigerant: R-32

Power Source: Corded Electric

Floor Area: 350 Square Feet

What's in the box

1x Universal Window Kit & Hose

1x Remote Control

1x portable air conditioners

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Allie McPherson
A Family Room's Dream Come True!!

Most 12,000 BTU portable AC unit's are good for cooling off around 500 sq. ft. This is where DREO stands above and apart. We use this portable in our downstairs family room because the heat here in the south is nothing to mess with. Our downstairs family room is difficult to cool in the summer without freezing everyone out upstairs so cost was the number one persuader for us to grab one of these. The unit does not take up much space, it operates very quietly downstairs, doesn't require us to run a drain line, and saves us a fortune when it comes to electricity here in the summer. Thanks DREO for making our summers a "DREAM" come true!

Works great for small rooms.

This is a pretty decent portable air conditioner. I got this one to replace our older one that stopped working. The build quality of this smart air conditioner is way better. Also this one has a few more features as well. Starting with one feature that this portable ac unit has that our old didn't have is smart capabilities. That is one of my favorite features. I'm not only able to control control it with the simple to use remote control but I'm also to control it with Alexa and my phone in the dreo app. Speaking of the app, it's very easy to navigate and easy to use. I'm able to set schedules and timers in the app. I'm also able to turn it on and off when I'm away from home in the app.

The installation process was so easy. It came with everything that I needed like hoses and the window kit.

It has several different features, the main feature and reason why I got it is for its cooling. I have it setup in my home studio because it getting really hot when I'm filming because of all of video lights and filming equipment. My home studio is basically a average size bedroom that I turned into my studio. It really does a good job at keeping my studio at a good comfortable temperature. Now instead of running my home central air system just to keep my studio cool, I just use this. To my surprise it really puts out a decent amount of cool air for where I'm using it.

So far it has been working great, and me and my wife was so impressed with it, that we decided to order another unit for our kitchen.

Works perfectly

My A/C went out right before I was slated to move out so instead of fixing the central A/C, I got this unit. It looks so sleek and and all the smart features help really make this an awesome package. When I first opened the box, I was overwhelmed with all the extras that were inside that I was not expecting. Not only do you have the slots that you can expand to cover your window opening, but you get some skinny foam to cover the openings of the window to prevent bugs and air from getting in. On top of that, you get foam padding that sticks to the window and the slots to make a good seal. Overall, although there are a lot of things to install, it was pretty easy and straightforward. It performs exactly as advertised. I did have a thermohygrometer that helped me measure the percentage of humidity in the room that would go down when the dehumidifier option was activated. For the noise, I feel that even at max speed, it wasn't producing a noise that was necessarily too loud. It was quieter than some pedestal fans I own. One of the only things that was very minorly annoying was the fact that if you activate the air conditioner in the app that doesn't necessarily synchronize with the remote control. For example, if you turned on the unit with your remote and set it to 70, then lowered it to 68 on the app, if you decided to turn the fan speed down on the remote, it's going to GO BACK to 70 because that is what you had set it to on the remote. Not a huge deal, but just something to note so you don't feel like you have gone crazy.

Good air conditioner.

This is a good air conditioner. It is as described and pictured. It is durable and very portable. I like the included remote, digital display screen and app features. It cools a small room well and efficiently. It can be a little loud when on full blast. I only wish that it included options for different types of windows because I had to purchase a kit for my windows that opened from the side. The price point is good especially since they offer a small coupon. I would recommend for any home, office, personal or professional use. This could be a cool housewarming or gift idea.

Great Product

This air conditioner is the best because it works great, is well made, is well packaged, iI has #1best Customer Service, and Dreo is the best portable air conditioner ever offered!