WH719S Smart Wall-mounted Heater

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  • Widespread Warmth: Dreo's 120° wide oscillation heating distributes warm air evenly from top to bottom, helping to bring fast heat to every corner of your room more efficiently than regular wall-mounted heaters.
  • Smart Control, Seamless Lifestyle: Schedule room heating hours to match your routine, access your heater settings from anywhere with the Dreo app, or even use your voice to control it thanks to Alexa and Google Home compatibility.
  • Fast and Accurate Temperature Control: Set the room temp as you like, choose from 41 to 95°F range with an unprecedented 1°F accuracy. Dreo's PTC ceramic space heater brings fast and steady heating for an exceptional comfort experience.
  • Ready for a Good Night Sleep: This smart heater for bedroom automatically adjust its LED panel brightness to low-light conditions, while it delivers warmth with lower noise, making sure nothing interrupts your sleep.
  • Hassle-free Installation, Stress-free Maintenance: Get your garage heater mounted easily. The package comes with all accessories including a convenient drilling guide with easy to follow steps. Keeping your wall-mounted heater like new is super convenient thanks to its reusable filter and detachable design.

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Thermostat Not Great

I bought this heater with the intention that the thermostat would keep the heater from turning on when it isn't needed. So, I set the heat to 65F. I found that the heater was running. When I looked on the app, it said the temperature was 71F. I put a thermometer next to it detected the temperature was 81F. That is 10 degrees more than what is detected by the device and 16 degrees above the desired temperature. I used an infrared thermometer and it confirmed that the temperature is way off. I found a setting that allows me to "calibrate" the temperature, which was to give it an offset. It only allows me to adjust the offset by 6 degrees. So, I am going to just have to adjust the desired temperature down by 15 degrees to set it near what it should be expected.

Barbara Holmes
Love it!

Bought this for my unheated office space and am pleased with how quiet it is while bringing the room temperature to my desired setting. Definitely recommend!

A Google Home limitation

I don't like the limitations of the Google Home app for setting up routines. For example, you can't set a condition for a routine. You have to manually enter the schedule, but it doesn't allow you to choose a trigger condition. Otherwise, so far, no complaints.

Michael Jones
Great features, but mounting anchors don’t work

It is a great product & what was needed for a cold bathroom.

The mounting anchors are not suitable for 1/2 “ thick dry wall. They easily push through & fall into wall when you try to insert screws. I used 5/16 bit to drill holes as stated in instructions. Migh be too big. Recommend better drywall anchors with a lip on them to resist pushing through wall.

Robert W. Rondeau

just installed hard to review but so far it doing a good job