Smart Wall-mouted Heater WH729S

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  • Enhanced Safety with FortPlug Technology Enhanced safety with built-in overheat protection.
  • 120° Oscillation: Evenly distributed warmth for efficient heating.
  • Smart Control: Schedule, control remotely, and voice-activated.
  • Precise Temp Control: 41-95°F range and 1°F accuracy for comfort.
  • Sleep-friendly: Low-light LED panel and quiet operation.

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kristi Epperson

Easy to install and heats up the room well and looks nice

Amy Miller
Great Product

Was smaller than expected, but it's actually heating better than expected. I've got an extremely large open space I'm using it in. I will definitely be replacing my old electric heaters with these.

Kimberly Hughes

We bought this to take the chill off a small porch and it works perfectly! It remains to be seen how it affects the power bill but so far I’m very happy with it. The WiFi connection works flawlessly, important because we’re away for three months and can monitor and control it from wherever we are. Highly recommended!

Excellent Customer Service!

I received my Dreo wall heater with the fort plug in October. As it has gotten colder, I decided to install it. The installation and instructs are flawless! Up in 10 minutes. Once I turned it on, it was already set to the Highest heat setting which is H3. The heat was fantastic! I let it blow until I could get it connected to the app which, took no time at all. I also turned the heat to Eco mode which lets you set the temp you desire the room to be. In about 30 mins, I got and error code F1 which is the outlet fin protection error. This is referring to the fins that oscilate the heat through the room. Long story short, it happened a few times and I contacted customer service after unplugging and resetting the unit. TINA (customer service rep), Jumped on this problem like white on rice! I took her one day to ask all the appropriate question to gather information about the problem and get the replacement out! ONE DAY, people! No constantly asking you to do something with 50 emails. Excellent service! not just because I am out of my amazon return window and they are willing to exchange it but, because this person was a real professional.

I haven't had Dreo product fail on me yet so I am not surprised that when one does, they are on it! This product does what they says it does!