Smart Air Circulator PolyFan 502S

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  • Powerful Airflow: Produces a significant air volume that can reach up to 80 ft.
  • Omni-directional Oscillation: Provides 120° horizontal and 120° vertical oscillation for thorough air circulation.
  • Adjustable Height: The fan can be adjusted from 35 to 40 inches to suit various spaces.
  • Quiet Operation: Operates at a low noise level of just 23dB, ensuring a peaceful environment.
  • Remote Control: Allows for convenient operation of all functions from a distance, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.


Power Input: 120V ~ 60Hz

Power Source: Brushless DC Motor

Noise Level: 23 dB

Height: 35-40 Height,7 Blade

Max Distance: 80ft

Speed Settings: 8

Controls: Remote/Touchpad

Oscillation: 120° horizontal, 120° vertical

Mounting Type: Pedestal

Dimensions: 11.02'D x 13.07'W x 40'H

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Solid piece to add to a living/family room

Like other high-end appliances, the build quality on this is second to none. You could tell that this is a well-built fan that's super sturdy and meant to give your room some modern design. Well it might be a bit hard to see on the pictures, just under the small display, you have some buttons that you can push on the fan itself. It also does come with a remote if you want to just use that to control the fan. Even though it is on the larger side for fans, it blows air very smoothly and isn't absurdly loud like some cheaper fans can be. If you want a good fan to add your room to you cool yourself off, this would be a good premium option to pick

Mary Berry
Super Quiet and Sleek

This fan is small but mighty, standing 39 inches/ 3.25 feet extended to full height. Don't let the height of the fan dismay you because this fan packs a punch and moves some air. There are 8 different fan speeds and also a turbo mode to rev up the air current. The design of the fan is ultra sleek and doesn't take up a lot of space and yet it gets the job done. It comes with a nice little remote with a holder that attaches to the fan when not in use so you don't lose the remote. The remote adjusts everything from fan mode, speed and tilt of the fan head from vertical and horizontal movement as well as power on/off. The fan comes with a nice long plug in cord that is detachable. The fan was VERY easy to assemble and I really love the fan base, it's nice and heavy and supports the fan beautifully. The fan is VERY aesthetically pleasing to the eye and functions so well and quietly. I'm really amazed by how quietly this fan works. There is also an app you download to your phone to operate the fan which I am not interested in using but some might. I'm happy just to use the remote. The only down side I can find is that the remote works on a cell button battery and at this time I don't see a way to open the remote to replace it or know the availability of the battery so at some point I might have to actually download the app to use the fan or contact the manufacturer to get a replacement battery/remote. Overall, I really LOVE this fan and recommend it for it's quiet use, sleek look and air movement.

Mike Howard
Amazing fan in a small package!

The Dreo Standing Fan PolyFan 502 revolutionizes home cooling with its advanced features and innovative design. Its 120+120 omni-directional oscillation ensures thorough air circulation, covering up to 80 feet, making it ideal for bedrooms and larger living spaces. Equipped with a DC motor, this pedestal fan operates quietly, allowing for undisturbed relaxation or work. With adjustable height, eight speeds, three modes, and an eight-hour timer, it offers customizable cooling tailored to individual preferences. Plus, its convenient remote control provides effortless operation from anywhere in the room. Whether for a cozy bedroom setup or a refreshing atmosphere in the living room, the Dreo Standing Fan is a reliable and versatile addition to any home.

Very nice fan, modern looking!

This fan is extremely quiet for how much air it moves. The quality is very nice and it looks modern compared to most pedestal fans. The remote is very easy to use, And it even includes a holder for the remote so it doesn't get lost. I definitely recommend this fan.

Glad I bought it!

Can a fan be stylish? YES! This is a great fan, it was very easy to assemble and it fits in nicely with my MCM decor.