DREO's Small Space Heater Offers Efficient Heating

Innovative heating solutions that guarantee your comfort and convenience are our mission at DREO. Our little space heater is made to provide effective heating in a portable, small package. We will examine the characteristics and advantages of DREO's small space heater in this post, emphasizing its innovative HyperamicsTM technology, revolutionary heat funnel design, accurate temperature control, several modes, safety features, including overheat and tip-over protection, and compact design.


Compact and Portable Heating

At DREO, we understand the need for versatile heating solutions, especially in smaller spaces. Our electric small heater is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry and move around. Whether you need warmth in your office, bedroom, or any other small area, DREO's small space heater is designed to meet your heating needs. Experience convenience and portability with our compact heater.


Hyperamics Advanced Heating System

We believe in delivering efficient heating performance. DREO's small space heater is equipped with our advanced Hyperamics™ system, which utilizes 1500W power to generate and distribute heat effectively. Experience rapid and cozy warmth, even in smaller spaces, with our small space heater. Enjoy the benefits of an advanced heating system with DREO.


Enhanced Heat Dispersal

At DREO, we continuously strive to improve the functionality of our heating solutions. Our small space heater features a new heat funnel design, which enhances heat dispersal throughout the area. This innovative design ensures efficient and uniform heating, eliminating cold spots and providing consistent warmth. Enjoy enhanced heat distribution with DREO heater.


Digital Thermostat with ±1 Increments 

We understand the importance of precise temperature control. DREO's small space heater is equipped with a digital thermostat, allowing you to set your desired temperature between 41-95°F with ±1℉ increments. This level of control ensures that your space remains at the perfect temperature for your comfort. Experience precise temperature management with DREO heater.


Versatile Modes for Customized Heating

We believe in providing versatile heating options to cater to your specific needs. DREO's small space heater offers three modes to choose from. Power Heat mode quickly warms up your space, ECO mode optimizes energy consumption for efficient heating, and Fan Only mode provides a refreshing airflow during warmer seasons. Enjoy customized heating with DREO's versatile modes.


Safety Features for Peace of Mind

At DREO, your safety is our top priority. Our small space heater is equipped with overheating and tip-over protection mechanisms. If the heater exceeds the safe temperature or is accidentally knocked over, the safety features automatically shut off the device, providing you with peace of mind. Experience worry-free heating with DREO's small space heater.



With DREO's electric small heater, you can experience efficient heating in a compact and portable form. Enjoy the convenience of its easy portability and the power of the advanced Hyperamics™ system. Benefit from the enhanced heat dispersal of the new heat funnel design and the precise temperature control offered by the digital thermostat. Customize your heating experience with versatile modes and enjoy the peace of mind provided by the safety features. Choose DREO heater and elevate your heating experience with our small space heater.

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