Top 3 Tips on How to Clean the Tower Fan for Cooling

A tower fan offers coolness to people, becoming the sought-after product during the hot summer. However, many people long to choose the best tower fan for cooling, but a few are aware of the importance of cleaning the tower fan. As a part of maintenance, proper and regular cleaning of the tower fan does good to people. This article introduces why you should clean the tower fan and discusses 3 tips to help you clean the tower fan.


Dreo tower fan’s Components in the water


The critical importance of cleaning the tower fan regularly

Without regular cleaning, even the best tower fan for cooling cannot maximize the effects, while regular cleaning of the tower fan contributes to achieving the following desirable results.


 1.It relates to better tower fan performance.

There are dust, hair and debris inevitably on the tower fan that affect the ability to circulate air. Thus, a lack of cleaning cannot even ensure the coolness of the best oscillating tower fan. If you want the tower fan to work efficiently during the whole summer, you need to clean the tower fan regularly.


 2.It contributes to a longer lifespan.

The lifespan of the tower fan is affected by many factors, among which cleaning is one of the most important sections you shouldn’t neglect. Cleaning the tower fan regularly keeps all the units in good condition and reduces the likelihood of a breakdown, thereby extending the lifespan of the tower fan.


3 tips related to how to clean the tower fan

Knowing the time, tools and procedure is the key to correctly carrying out the cleaning procedure. So let’s move on and get to know more.


People use tool to clean the tower fan.


1.How often do you need to clean the tower fan?

The frequency of cleaning the tower fan rests with how often you use the tower fan. Clean the tower fan every three to four weeks if you use it every day, while it’s advisable to clean it every six to eight weeks if you don’t use it quite often[2]. Also, if you put the tower fan in a place that is easily accessible to dust, you should clean it frequently.


2.What tools do you need for cleaning?

  • A dust brush or a microfiber duster
  • A screwdriver
  • A compressed air canister
  • A lubricant
  • A hose attachment


3.How do you clean the tower fan?

The tower fan needs to clean its interior and exterior to achieve the best cleaning result. Here’s the procedure for your reference.


  • Unplug the tower fan. Ensure the power source is cut off to avoid potential safety hazards.
  • Remove the screws. A screwdriver proves to be a good helper in this process. Remember to twist the screws counterclockwise, or you can’t remove them.
  • Pull the casing halves apart. If you can’t do it with your fingers, you can use a screwdriver to slide into the gap between the panels. Don’t forget to clean the exterior casing with a dust brush or a microfiber duster 
  • Slide the front panel from the tower. Gently lift the front panel away to protect the plastic tabs that connect the panels.
  • Clean the fan blade. Spray compressed air into the fan blade, and use a dust brush or a microfiber duster to clean off the blades. Then, use a hose attachment to pick up the loose dust from the fan blade.
  • Use the lubricant. Spray the lubricant on the ends of each bearing that can help reduce noise.
  • Install the components after cleaning. Reattach the casing, and make sure that the bearings and the fan blade are put back[3].


Choose Dreo’s tower fans as your choice

Apart from the aforementioned tips, choosing the tower fan that is easy to clean also works. Dreo’s tower fans are simple to keep clean, saving your time and energy for cleaning.

Dreo Nomad One tower fan in the living room.


Here are our strengths:

  • Easy removal and installation. The tower fan from Dreo is featured with this merit, making the cleaning process easier and simpler.
  • The minimum noise level of our tower fans ranges from 25 to 35db, giving you an unprecedented cooling experience with unheard levels of quietness.
  • Good customer support. If you have any problems with our products, including cleaning, our team is always here to help you.


Specializing in air care, Dreo devotes itself to bringing the best air care solutions to customers. No matter the best cooling tower fan, space heater, air purifier, air conditioner or evaporative air cooler, you can always find a suitable product in Dreo.



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