It’s Finally Here! Dreo Chefmaker Makes A Debut

After months of research and adjustments, the Dreo Chefmaker finally makes its public debut on May 23rd, 2023, Eastern Time. The long-hailed combi fryer is set to make cooking easier, food more delicious, and spare time more satisfying. 


Dreo Chefmaker on the kitchen countertop


If you are wondering what’s new in this small kitchen appliance, this article can give you some hints. 


What Makes Dreo Chefmaker More Capable

Have you ever got the first bite of food, steak, as an example, from an air fryer and felt like, “Um, it is edible, but it is just a waste of my fancy steak..” It is the overcooking that leaves a chewy texture, with little juice locked inside, making the steak less attractive. 

Considering this biggest drawback in the traditional air fryers, Dreo Chefmaker adopts the advanced ComiCook Technology.


What is a Combi fryer?

Frankly speaking, it is a computational cooking technology. The CombiCook Technology translates professional cooking techniques into an algorithm that can accurately control the cooking process, eyeing the temperature, moisture, timing, and other seemingly trivial factors like a real chef working inside taking care of your meals. Therefore, it is not just about efficiency but quality in its core consideration. 


Potatoes and steak cooked by Chefmaker with lemons and rosemary


How Does CombiCook Work? -- In Real Case Scenario

Starting from savory Ribeye steak. In order to make a crispy-outside-and-tender-inside, the whole cooking is divided into different steps, all of which require that specific temperature, different from the weight and kind of meat, to avoid burning while ensuring each step is done to the perfect extent.

Compared to regular air fryers or ovens in the market, which tend to heat and bake the steak consistently with little consideration about the requirement of each step, Dreo Chefmaker will divide the process into four steps and make constant adjustments to achieve that mouthwatering texture. And according to times of research, Dreo Chefmaker’s moisture loss rate is as low as 11%, compared to the 25% of the oven, meaning that the highest amount of juice remains in the meat.


More Are Waiting for Your Tapping 

To support the advanced cooking technology, Dreo Chefmaker also has a top-notch design: the thick arc inner container ensures super convection heating, leaving no space for half-raw-half-overcooking consequence. Besides, the 5.6-inch LCD display screen and anti-hot glass allow you to check the food inside, allowing you to engage in it. 

What’s more, there are many menus stored inside. That’s the name indicated -- Chefmaker. Don’t get stuck to the few options, like fried chicken, french fries, and toast; try something big, complicated, and surprising to make the best time of the day -- eating more attractive. 

Don’t worry; the recipes are ever-growing and updated in Dreo’s app. So when you are wondering what to eat today, browse the app, and go to the grocery for all the raw materials listed in the recipe. Then some trivial chopping and seasoning stuff. Hold on! Don’t frown right now! There are smart app control and step-by-step video guides, from food seasoning to machine setting, facilitating every kitchen novice.


Dreo Chefmaker kickstarter crowdfunding campaign poster with time and discount details.


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