The DREO Oil-Filled Radiator Heater Will Increase Your Comfort Level

DREO's novel oil-filled radiator heater is the ideal remedy for you. With features like four heating modes, easy operation, control from a sofa or bed, and superior diathermic oil, our DREO heater is built to give you toasty warmth and comfort throughout the winter. Let's examine what makes the DREO oil-filled radiator heater unique and how it can completely transform the way your house feels warm.

60s Display Off for Undisturbed Comfort

Say goodbye to distracting lights and hello to undisturbed comfort with DREO's 60s display-off feature. Our heater allows you to enjoy the warmth without any bright lights keeping you awake at night. With just a touch of a button, you can turn off the display and embrace the tranquility of a peaceful environment.


Mute On/Off Function for Quiet Operation

Experience quiet operation with DREO's mute on/off function. Whether you're working, studying, or simply relaxing, our heater ensures that you can enjoy the warmth without any unnecessary noise. Simply toggle the mute function on or off to suit your preferences and enjoy uninterrupted comfort.


Not Dry Air for Added Comfort

Unlike traditional heaters, the DREO oil radiator heater does not dry out the air in your room. Instead, it provides gentle, consistent warmth that keeps you comfortable without sacrificing humidity levels. Say goodbye to dry, uncomfortable air and hello to a cozy environment with DREO heater.


Easy Operation for Hassle-Free Use

Enjoy effortless control with DREO's straightforward LED display and control panel. Our heater offers a wide range of customizations, including thermostat settings (40-95℉), timer options (1-24h), heating modes (1500W/900W/600W/ECO), child lock, and more. With DREO, staying warm has never been easier.


Control from Sofa or Bed for Ultimate Convenience 

Take control of your comfort without leaving the comfort of your sofa or bed. With DREO's remote control, you can access all the functions of your heater from up to 19 feet away. Plus, the mute function allows you to turn off button sounds for added quiet. Just sit back, relax, and let DREO heater keep you warm and cozy.


4 Heating Modes for Personalized Comfort

Customize your warmth with DREO's 4 heating modes. Choose from low (600W), medium (900W), high (1500W), or ECO mode to tailor your heating experience to your preferences and needs. With DREO, you can stay comfortable without worrying about sky-high energy bills.


Moves in All Directions for Easy Mobility

Experience unparalleled mobility with DREO's oil radiator heater. The recess at the back of the heater makes it easy to pull or push, while the universal wheels allow you to move the heater effortlessly to any corner of your home. Whether you need warmth in the garage, basement, or living room, DREO has you covered.


Premium Diathermic Oil for Long-lasting Performance

Enjoy long-lasting warmth and performance with DREO's premium diathermic oil. Our heater features high-purity oil that neither ignites at high temperatures nor loses its flowability in freezing conditions. Plus, the oil is completely sealed, so there's no need for refills or changes-ever.



In conclusion, DREO oil filled radiator heater is the ultimate solution for staying warm and comfortable during chilly days. With features like easy operation, control from sofa or bed, 4 heating modes, and premium diathermic oil, our heater is designed to provide you with personalized warmth and convenience. Upgrade your comfort today with DREO and experience the difference for yourself.

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