Do Indoor Space Heaters Cost a Lot? How Much Do They Cost?

Most homeowners seek dependable and energy-efficient heating solutions to cope with the chilling weather. To address the demand, people use a variety of indoor space heaters, with each type catering to individual household needs. But it leads to the question about the total cost they will add to your electricity bills. So, read ahead and find out the average energy consumption linked to space heaters and how much they will cost based on your lifestyle.



Average Energy Consumption of Indoor Space Heaters

With indoor space heaters, you can not only cut your reliance on a central heating system but also save a great deal of energy-related expenses. They let you target a single room for heating without turning on the furnaces or boilers to warm up the entire house. That’s definitely a good investment for nurturing a sustainable lifestyle and reducing the overall energy consumption prices.

However, the cost of using a particular space heater depends on numerous factors, such as the heater’s energy efficiency, total usage, and the average rate of electricity in your residential area. For instance, heating (1500 watts) for 8 hours per day will cost you around $2 in the US, which translates to more than $50 per month. Therefore, it would be better to estimate these costs and counter the fluctuating prices in advance.

We have assembled the required data to help you calculate the potential prices of different types of space heaters:


Fuel Type

Daily Cost (USD)

Weekly Cost (USD)

Monthly Cost (USD)





Natural Gas









These costs are based on the following assumptions:

  • Electric heaters consume 1.5 kWh per hour and operate for 8 hours a day.
  • Gas and propane heaters are assumed to have an equivalent consumption of 11.72 kWh per hour and operate for the same duration.
  • The costs of electricity, natural gas, and propane are averaged at $0.13, $0.03, and $0.04 per kWh, respectively.


However, if you step into the market to buy an indoor space heater, consider the following key elements to avoid sky-high bills:

  • Room size
  • Heating capacity
  • Noise levels
  • Energy efficiency
  • Installation facility

Upgrade Your Home Indoors with DREO Space Heaters

Here, we have come up with the 3 most energy-efficient options you can consider to make the ultimate heating choice.


1. Portable Space Heaters

When it comes to providing warmth, there is no better alternative than portable space heaters despite their compact and convenient size.


1.       Atom 316 Space Heater

With a long heat range and overheat protection facility, DREO’s Atom 316 Space Heater is a thrifty yet robust heating solution to meet your needs. This energy-saving space heater has an advanced 1500W ceramic system and heating funnel, covering vast areas with precise temperature control options.



  • Faster warm-up
  • Heat retardancy
  • 34-49 dB noise level
  • Intuitive digital thermostat
  • ECO mode for 40% less energy consumption


2.       Solaris Max (2nd. Gen.) Space Heater

The 26-inch Solaris Max is designed with 70° oscillation and a PTC ceramic system for quiet, efficient, and smart heating. You can select from the 4 heating modes (H1/H2/H3/ECO) or utilize it as a fan to bring cozy warmth around your space. Its LED lights are seamlessly automated, adjusting to brightness during the day and dimming at night to ensure sound sleep.



  • 32 dB noise level
  • Accurate temperature adjustments between 41-95°F
  • 41-95 °F precise temperature control
  • Compact design with remote holder
  • ECO mode for energy-saving


3.       OH310 Oil Filled Radiator Heater

The OH310 oil-filled radiant heater makes use of oil heating to provide uninterrupted warmth.



  • 360° whole-home warmth with fast, quiet 1500W heating and 92.3% efficiency.
  • Triple overheat protection, fire-resistant materials, and 7 safety checks for peace of mind.
  • With personalized comfort settings, including Eco mode, it ensures even warmth and energy efficiency across three power modes (600W/900W/1500W).
  • user-friendly design and features like a child lock and 24-hour timer for pre-heated comfort.


4.       WH719S Smart Wall-mounted Heater

WH719S smart wall-mounted heater is the powerhouse of controlled and unlimited heating for your home space.



  • 120° wide oscillation for even warmth distribution
  • Smart control via an app or voice with Alexa and Google Home compatibility
  • Precise temperature control from 41 to 95°F with 1°F accuracy.
  • Designed for comfort with a sleep-friendly automatic LED panel brightness adjustment and operates quietly.
  • Installation and maintenance are straightforward, with a reusable filter and detachable design for easy cleaning​

Answer Your Questions About Indoor Space Heaters

  1. Can we turn on the space heater overnight?

It's not safe to turn the space heater on overnight as it can lead to accidental fire hazards. Instead, use models with safety features like automatic shut-off or timers.


  1. What are the cheapest ways to heat a house?

The cheapest ways to heat a house include using programmable thermostats, sealing leaks, adding insulation, and using energy-efficient heating systems.


  1. Are space heaters safe for indoors?

Space heaters can be safe for indoor use if they are used correctly, come with safety features like tip-over protection and overheat protection, and are kept away from flammable materials. Always follow the manufacturer's guidelines and safety tips.

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