Dreo Wall Mounted Space Heater Review & Manual Guide

With changing weather patterns and the need for energy-efficient solutions, the demand for secure and quality wall-mounted space heaters has experienced a notable surge. Homeowners are increasingly seeking alternatives that provide warmth and prioritise safety and efficiency. In response to this demand, companies like Dreo have stepped up with innovative solutions to address the heating needs of modern households.

The introduction of Dreo's new wall-mounted space heaters comes when consumers are looking for reliable heating options that are effective, convenient, and safe. Keep reading to get to know the winter saver.



Types of wall Mounted Space Heaters and Their Strengths

Here comes the different types of wall heaters, with a particular focus on the strengths of electric wall heaters and an exploration of how these innovative devices operate.

As the quest for efficient and versatile heating solutions continues, wall-mounted space heaters have become famous for homeowners seeking warmth without compromising on style and space efficiency. These innovative heating appliances come in various types, each catering to distinct preferences and practical considerations. Among the two primary categories, gas-powered and electric wall-mounted space heaters, the latter stands out for its numerous strengths and technological advancements.


Gas-powered wall-mounted space heaters

Gas-powered wall-mounted space heaters have long been known for their powerful heating capabilities and cost-effectiveness, utilising natural gas or propane to generate warmth. These units are often favoured in regions with access to affordable gas resources, providing a reliable heat source. However, the maintenance requirements and ventilation considerations associated with gas-powered heaters may pose challenges for some users.


Electric wall-mounted space heaters

On the other hand, electric wall-mounted space heaters have gained immense popularity due to their simplicity, energy efficiency, and ease of installation. Powered by electricity, these heaters eliminate the need for gas lines or complex venting systems, making them an attractive option for modern homes. Additionally, electric wall heaters offer precise temperature control, allowing users to customise their heating experience to meet specific comfort preferences.

The versatility is another great strength of electric wall-mounted space heaters. These heaters come in various designs, sizes, and features, allowing homeowners to select units that seamlessly blend with their interior decor. Moreover, electric heaters often incorporate advanced technologies such as programmable thermostats, timers, and remote control functionalities, enhancing user convenience and energy efficiency.


How Electric Space Heaters Work

Understanding how energy-efficient electric heaters shed light on their efficiency. At the core of these heaters is a heating element, commonly made of metal or ceramic. When electricity passes through this element, it generates heat. A fan then distributes this warmth into the room, ensuring an even and comfortable temperature.

Modern electric space heaters often feature thermostats and sensors that regulate the heat output based on the current temperature. This intelligent functionality not only enhances user comfort but also contributes to energy efficiency by preventing unnecessary heating.

In short, the various types of wall heaters offer options to suit different preferences, with electric wall-mounted space heaters standing out for their efficiency and versatility. Their straightforward operation makes them a reliable choice for those seeking a convenient and effective heating solution for their homes.



Dreo Wall Mounted Space Heater - Features and Installation Guide

Meet WH719S, Dreo wall-mounted space heater, a powerhouse designed to cater to the diverse needs of homeowners seeking comfort and convenience. This heating marvel boasts a range of features that make it stand out in the world of space heaters. Here are the features that shine:


  • Fast, wide-spreading, and efficient heating

Experience the joy of widespread warmth with Dreo's innovative 120° wide oscillation heating. This cutting-edge technology ensures the even distribution of warm air from top to bottom, efficiently reaching every corner of your room. Say goodbye to uneven heating, as Dreo outperforms regular wall-mounted heaters in bringing fast and effective warmth to your entire space.


  • Intelligent

Schedule heating hours to match your routine, manage your heater settings remotely through the Dreo app, or enjoy hands-free control using voice commands with Alexa and Google Home compatibility. With Dreo, your heating experience adapts to your life effortlessly.

Tailor your environment with precision using Dreo's fast and accurate temperature control. Set your desired room temperature within the impressive 41 to 95°F range, with an amazing 1°F accuracy. The PTC ceramic space heater from Dreo ensures rapid and consistent heating, providing an exceptional comfort experience that aligns with your preferences.


  • No sleep interruption

The LED panel automatically adjusts its brightness to low-light conditions, creating a sleep-friendly atmosphere. Experience warmth without disturbance, as Dreo's bedroom heater operates with minimal noise, ensuring that nothing interrupts your peaceful sleep.


  • Easy installation and maintenance

Enjoy hassle-free installation with Dreo's user-friendly design. The package includes all necessary accessories, along with a convenient drilling guide featuring easy-to-follow steps for mounting your garage heater effortlessly. Keeping your wall-mounted heater in top condition is a breeze, thanks to Dreo's reusable filter and detachable design, making maintenance stress-free and convenient.



No matter how chilly outside, the Dreo ceramic space heater smart will always warm you up in a cosy-pleasing way. 2024 is upcoming! It is a great time to make your life in the new year easier and smarter. 

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