Tips on the Maintenance and Care for Dreo Space Heater

People with small homes find space heaters handy during cold nights when blankets fail to do the trick. This is the reason they are trendy, and according to a study, the space heaters market will surpass $13270 Million by 2027. As space heaters are budget-friendly, investing in one provides plenty of benefits, and the primary one is energy efficiency. There are multiple space heater sellers, but Dreo takes the lead. It's because the brand has been making excellent sales ever since the first Dreo space heater hit the market.



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Undoubtedly, space heaters are great, but not taking proper care of them can lead to a short lifespan. So, let's discuss a few tips that help you maintain and care for Indoor Space Heater.


Tips on the Maintenance and Care of Space Heater

Now that you've bought a space heater, here are a few tips to help you maintain the heater. So, you can enjoy the warmth for several years.


  • Clean or Replace the Air Filters Regularly

    Did you know that your air filters guard the heater's internal machinery against all the dust particles in the air? So cleaning them regularly is necessary, or the dirt will get stuck inside, resulting low to complete malfunctioning of the heater.

    However, if the dirt in the filter is too much and cleaning isn't fruitful, then replacing the filters is suggested, but purchase the one that fits your heater. Otherwise, it will give more way to dirt and, in some cases, get completely sucked into the heater.


    Heater with dust and dirt on it.


  • Use the Thermostat Wisely

    It may surprise you, but you can enhance the lifespan of your space heater by efficiently using its thermostat. Don't know how? Well, try to lessen the heat generation by lowering the temperature settings. Because reducing the output of your heater when it's not needed and saving it for later use can positively impact your heating device's longevity.

    The best time to follow this tip is during the daytime or when no one's home. With a Dreo space heater, regulating the thermostat becomes very easy as it's programmable and doesn't involve any complexity.



  • Declutter the Surroundings

    The most important care tip for your space heater is to provide it with appropriate ventilation space. With so many things surrounding your heater, it may struggle to work and become overloaded. This results in the improper working of the heater.

    Besides malfunctioning, the fire hazard is also a big issue when you place the indoor space heater in a constricted space. So, ensure your heater is getting proper natural ventilation to enjoy the heater's warmth for a long.



  • Perform Regular Checking

    To keep up with your space heater's excellent maintenance, we suggest you perform regular checking. This means analyzing your heater's internal parts and looking out for any damage or issue.

    So you can foresee any upcoming complications and fix them on time. Doing this also enhances the efficiency of your indoor space heater, and you don't need to invest in a new one.



Top Dreo Space Heaters

Let's get into the details of top Dreo Space Heaters, so it gets easier for you to make the right choice!


✓  Dreo Atom One Space Heater

This fantastic Dreo Atom One space heater is perfect for people looking for an innovative heater within a limited budget. The heater has a detachable filter that allows people to make regular checking, cleaning, or replacement. It's user-friendly and has a digital thermostat that frees you from the hassle of knob setting and facilitates you to control the temperature with one click.


Dreo Atom One space heater product image


Although it's a tower space heater, Dreo made sure to give it proper stability to avoid any tip-over incident. What's the best? The user can benefit from 4 different heating modes with power output ranging from 900W to 1500W. Let's have a quick look at Dreo’s features:


  • It has a built-in timer of 1 to 12 hours and shuts off automatically after due time
  • Comes with overheat and tip-over protection
  • Four heating modes ranging from 900W to 1500W
  • Detachable filter to keep the device away from dust and pollen
  • Portable, lightweight, and easy to carry around



✓  Dreo Solaris Max Space Heater

Nothing can beat the class and speed of this Dreo Solaris Max Space Heater. It is a remote control heater that allows you to manage your Dreo Space heater settings from at least 26 feet away. Thanks to the highly functional LED screen showing you the temperature of the heater and is easy to operate.


Dreo Solaris Max space heater image


You must tap the timer button to set any shutting-off time from 1 to 12 hours. The alarm system and tip-over protection disconnect the heater as soon as it falls off by you or your pet. Hence, the risk of any unexpected situation decreases significantly. Let's have a quick look at the features of this Dreo Space Heater:


  • Digital adjustable thermostat with temperature settings ranging from 41 to 95° F
  • Five heating modes with a power output of 700W to 1500W
  • Four heating modes ranging from 900W to 1500W
  • Has Oblique Airflow technology to prevent overheating or fire eruption
  • Remote control setting to monitor and manage the tower space heater from a distance



Your Credible Space Heater Seller!

If you are all set to invest in an indoor space heater, Dreo has all the best options for you. Whether you want a budget-friendly or a fancy tower space heater to warm up the space, we have you covered. Our heaters are made of top-notch material and explicitly designed to cater to customer demands.


We give our users complete control over the Dreo space heaters to get maximum benefits from it. After buying a space heater from us, you should follow all the mentioned care and maintenance tips to ensure your space heater runs smoothly for a long time, and you have a happy winter season!




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