The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning the Indoor Space Heater

An indoor space heater is a trending heating solution people use to warm up their offices and homes. However, regular use causes dust and particles to build up on the appliance's interior and exterior, reducing its efficiency. Besides, a dusty indoor space heater may cause serious health issues. 


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This article elaborates on why and how you should clean your indoor space heater.


Why you should Clean the Space Heater Regularly

If your heater is dirty, it will not only affect its performance but also harm your health and safety. Following are the two main reasons you need to clean your space heater regularly. 


  • Dust Concentration

    Like other home appliances, an indoor space heater also catches dust, building upon its interior and exterior. This accumulated dust has the risk of catching fire. Therefore, cleaning your space heater frequently is essential to remove the dust concentration.


  • Temperature Differences

    A dusty air filter can restrict the airflow into the space heater, causing temperature differences. Restricted airflow can cause overheating and requires an automatic shut-off for safety. Alternatively, it can cause reduced performance, emit a foul odor, and even leads to fire or explosion.



How to Clean the Space Heater Safely

A quick exterior cleaning and vacuuming can help run your appliance effectively when cleaning the indoor space heater.



Prior to wiping and detaching, you should unplug it first. Safety is the top consideration.


Don't use a wet cloth; use a clean, dry cloth to wipe out the excess dust from the heater's exterior.


If there is dust stuck inside, use a brush to move it out. Don't use the cotton yarn, or the leaving cotton will turn out to be the next batch of dust.


Put the space heater somewhere dry and ventilated


Finally, you can also consult a specialist for internal cleaning and repairs to prevent damage.



Buy Dreo's Indoor Space Heaters

Inspired by air, Dreo brings a new warmth and comfort to your home life with an innovative indoor space heater and other home appliances. Each heating device offers over-heat and tip-over protection with multiple safety options built-in. 


Let's discover the key features of our incredible range of the top 3 home heating devices to enjoy the cozy winters indoors. 


  • Dreo Atom One Space Heater

    Dreo Atom One Space Heater is perfect for small spaces with its powerful performance and extreme portability. Its recessed design allows you to carry it around wherever you need it: living room, bedroom, garage, office, kitchen, and other spaces.


Dreo Atom One space heater product image


Key Features

✓  Compact and portable to carry around where you need it

✓  Pre-installed washable and detachable dust filter to provide clean air

✓  Digital thermostat with a temperature range of 41-95°F and full control over it

✓  4 efficient Modes, i.e., High for rapid heating, Low for slow heating, ECO for self-adjustment, and Fan mode

✓  Handle at the back for easy carrying

✓  Built-in 1-12H Timer, saving energy bills

✓  Smart LED display and Control Panel with multiple options to optimize heating

✓  Smooth and quiet oscillation to keep you undisturbed while working or sleeping


  • Dreo Solaris Max Space Heater

    Dreo Solaris Max Space Heater offers a larger space and more prolonged heating. It is powered by a special Oblique Airflow technology. The device has a wireless remote control system to handle and adjust various heating operations.


Dreo Solaris Max space heater product image


Key Features

✓  Fast PTC ceramic heating

✓  A digital thermostat with an adjustable temperature range of 41-95°F

✓  Efficient and adjustable 1-12h off timer

✓  Features 5 distinct modes, i.e., H1, H2, H3, ECO, and fan modes

✓  Portable device with a hidden carry handle.

✓  Portable device with a hidden carry handle.

✓  Secure Plug to avoid overheating and short circuits

✓  Default flame-retardant materials to provide safe heating


  • Dreo Solaris Slim H2 Space Heater

    Dreo Solaris Slim H2 Space Heater is a blazing-fast device with enhanced quietness. Being a 1500W oscillating heater, it offers quieter performance than typical heaters. Like other Dreo space heaters, it also guarantees advanced safety while operating.



Key Features

✓  Quiet and smooth performance

✓  Programmable digital thermostat with a temperature range of 41-95°F

✓  3 distinct heating modes, i.e., High, Low, and ECO modes

✓  ETL-certified with numerous built-in safety measures, like a tip-over switch, overheat sensor, and flame-resistant materials

✓  Advanced Touch Controls with a large LED display for user convenience

✓  Remote Control system with all the automatic functions to enhance productivity

✓  Adjustable 1-12h Timer to turn off the device automatically when sleeping


Are you interested in our reliable household heating devices? Contact us now to get the best Dreo space heater at a reasonable cost and enjoy winters with your family like never before!

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