Why Should You Choose Dreo Space Heater?

When watching the weather news, the one thing that will strike everyone is the increasingly weird and extreme weather. Recently, a report called The World Was Cooler in 2021 Than 2020. That's Not A Good News discusses the temperature drop in the whole world in the winters and explains the prediction of colder winters than they usually are. It is crystal clear that colder winters are definitely not harmless. We need to prepare ourselves and our houses to face the intensity of the winter weather.


Cozing desk setup with book and a cup of hot water.


But if traditional heating methods mean a huge electricity bill, in this way, indoor space heaters are the best solution to keep indoor spaces snug economically and with more convenience. 


Why Choose Dreo Space Heaters?

Dreo space heaters have their own competitiveness in the following aspects, which is also the reasons why they have been winning positive market responses.


1.High efficient technology

Dreo's ceramic space heater can warm the space with the fastest speed you haven't encountered before. The high-efficient technology used in Dreo's ceramics space heaters, with the power of 1500W, will eradicate the numbing cold from your body within only 2 seconds. Dreo space heaters are designed to create a warm climate in the room, covering a wider area. It features a 70° wide-angle oscillation that ensures ample heat spreading in the space. 


2.Extra Quiet

Traditional fan heaters produce high levels of disturbing noise in indoor spaces due to their straight airflow structure. Dreo space heaters are designed with advanced aerodynamic oblique fan wheel that minimizes air turbulence. The resultant airflow is extra quiet, smooth, and undisturbing, guaranteeing a more pleasant user experience. 



  • Dreo space heaters are tested by Intertek and comply with required national standards.
  • Dreo space heaters are manufactured using V-0 Flame retardant materials, tested spark-proof even under prolonged exposure to heat or flame.
  • Dreo offers a 5-year warranty to ensure ultra-long technical support for Dreo space heaters.
  • Another security feature in dreo space heaters is tip-over protection. The heater automatically powers down to prevent fire risk if the heater tips over.



The intelligently designed dreo space heater comes with an optional 24-hours auto shut-off when reaching the overheating limit. You can sleep peacefully without the fear of overheating from indoor space heaters.


Dreo Space Heaters for Recommendations:


  • Dreo Solaris Max Space heater

    Dreo Solaris Max Space heater indoor use.


    Dreo Solaris max Space Heater is smartly designed with PTC ceramics accompanying the efficiency to hit the temperature of 75°C within 2 seconds. It is a noiseless ceramic space heater with a handy remote for comfortable control features offering high/medium/low ECO mode, with 5 years warranty.

  • Dreo Solaris Slim H2 Space Heater

    Dreo Solaris Smart H2 Space Heater warms your indoor quietly with only a 37.5 dB noise level, as it is powered by Oblique Airflow technology. It is equipped with a hidden handle for carrying easily from one place to another. It features a programmable 41-95°F digital thermostat, 1-12 hours off timer, and 3 heating modes with overheating and tip-over protection.

  • Dreo Atom One Space Heater

    If you are searching for a quiet, compact, portable, and easy-to-carry indoor space heater, Dreo Atom One Space Heater is the best option. It is equipped with a detachable filter with is easy to clean and washable for cleaner warmer air.



    It is featured four energy-efficient modes to meet your needs.

    ✓ High: 1500W, high power mode for instant heating

    ✓ Low: 1000W, for slower heating

    ✓ ECO: Self-adjusting power

    ✓ Fan: as a small desk fan




Dreo is a trusted name in crafting household electrical appliances. We are committed to utilizing the latest innovative technology to design efficient, high-performance appliances. We are dedicated to creating affordable warm indoor environments in expected extreme winter weather. Along with fast heating, energy and cost saving, constant temperature, and other excellent safety features, Dreo space heaters offer lifetime technical support. Contact us 

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