Space Heater Solaris Max

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  • Fast warmth from 10ft/s PTC ceramic heating
  • Programmable 41-95°F digital thermostat
  • 70° oscillation, 1-12h off timer
  • 5 quiet modes (H1, H2, H3, ECO, Fan)
  • Powered by ObliqueAirflow technology
  • Overheat and tip-over protection
Color: Black

24-inch Oscillating Space Heater

Wrap the entire family in all-around warmth.

2s heating

10ft/s warmth


24-inch Oscillating Space Heater

Convenient Remote Control

Fully control various settings at your fingertips from up to 26 feet away. Included wireless remote control allows you to warm the room up without getting out of your bed.

Convenient Remote Control

Digital LED Screen

Thanks to its titled LED screen and panel design, this heater is easy to reach and operate. Tap the timer button and select a time (1-12 hours) to ease sleep anxiety when heating at night.

Digital LED Screen

Easy to Move Around

The hidden carry handle at the back helps you carry around wherever you want to warm up from your bedroom, living room, basement to office.

Easy to Move Around

Tip-Over Protection

When tilting 45 degrees off the ground or being knocked over by pets, the space heater shuts down automatically, with its alarm going off to alert you to an unexpected event.

Tip-Over Protection

Adjustable Thermostat

The digital thermostat, from 41 to 95℉ in 1℉ increments, enables you to have precise control of the temperature in the room. Long press the plus and minus buttons for faster temperature adjustment.

Adjustable Thermostat

Secure Plug

Reinforced structure prevents the plug from deformation, bending, overheating, and short circuits. Built in V0-rated flame-retardant materials, this space heater provides ultimate safety for your heating.

Note: Please plug directly into a wall outlet.

Quiet Oscillation


Power Supply: 120V, 60Hz

Power Source: AC

Wattage Range: 700-1500W

Mode Options: H1/H2/H3/ECO/Fan

Sound Level: 37.5 dB

Bulit-in Timer: 1-12H

Adjustable Thermostat: 41-95 °F (In 1°F Increments)

Oscillation: 70°

Remote Control Battery: CR2025

Product Dimensions: 7.8 x 7.8 x 24 inches

Cord Lenth: 6 ft / 1.8 m

Product Weight: 6.82 lb / 3.09 kg

What's in the box

1x Dreo Solaris Max Space Heater

1x Remote Control

1x CR2025 Lithium Battery

1x User Manual

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 1191 reviews
Nice little compact tower heater, fairly quiet, 3 heat modes, temperature adjust and fan only mode.

I live in a basement apartment and have nerve sensitivity to temperature so I run space heaters pretty much all year round, even in summer if it's 100oF+ degrees out. My two Lasko towers have lasted 5+ years with daily use, but one is slowly starting to fail. So after reading reviews and specs that this DREO Solaris Max is supposed to operate fairly QUIET I thought I'd give it a try in my living room where I watch TV and listen to music at fairly low volume. LOUD heater FANS are definitely a deal breaker! I will say this tower does sounds about 10-15% percent quieter than my Lasko on low (900w) setting, which is the setting I use the most and am able to hear the TV and music no problem, a low white-noise. The Lasko on High (1500w) is definitely louder but not to the point I have to crank up the volume with my TV or music. Although my old Lasko is about 4" inches taller, the heating element appears to be roughly the same size with similar output (Lasko only has HI and LOW modes + temp adjust). Only thing I don't like about the DREO is there's really no control over the fan speed, I would think L/M/H - 1/2/3 would each have different speeds, but that's not how it works, it's automatic based on temperature selection as well as ambient temperature. Not a huge deal breaker because there's really very little noise dB decibel difference in fan speed between when it's running low or high. The fan seems to mostly run at a medium speed, never really runs faster, but sometimes slower when demand for heat is less. In fan only mode the fan does sound like it's spinning at full speed, but still relatively quiet. It oscillates, but I never use the feature as it's usually directed on at my elevated resting feet. Definitely one of the quieter tower heaters I've owned, but not silent, so I'll chalk the DREO up as a win.

? PROS: Quieter than most tower heaters in all heating modes, 3 heat level with good output + temperature setting adjust (hope it lasts), air blows straight out an not upward, sleek modern and simple looking, display goes into sleep mode after one minutes, remembers last settings, has fan only mode (why others don't offer this just doesn't make any sense), remote, instruction manual, 5 year warranty, tip over protection (my Lasko didn't have this), a tiny bit of rattling at startup but goes away quickly, and has a 30 second cool down when powering off.

? CONS: No fan speed control in heat or fan only mode.

Maureen II.
would advise warming up your room.

Both the size and the heat output are ideal for our RV. It's fantastic to have temperature control. We like the oscillating function and remote control. I like how it seems. There is excellent heat output. The remote is quite useful.

Calvin Ulysses
snug and warm in the chilly

It is a fan heater, therefore it is quite noisy. However, if you don't mind white noise, that's all right. It's a good size and lightweight.

Everley Bunyan
superb heater

This heater works really well. There are two of them. They have good temperature controls and an integrated ocellating function. Very quiet. Definitely worth the cost, and I'd do it again.

Elliot Will
fantastic for my office

fantastic heater Does an excellent job of removing the cold from my basement office and warms up fast!