Discover How DREO's Cutting-Edge Heating Solutions Can Improve Your Comfort

At DREO, we're committed to revolutionizing the way you experience comfort in your home. Our range of cutting-edge heating solutions, including small space heaters, wall mounted electric heater with thermostats, and portable heater for rooms, are designed to provide unparalleled warmth, convenience, and efficiency. Let's delve into the benefits of each of our heating products and how they can enhance your living space.



Powerful Performance in a Compact Package: The Small Space Heater

Warmth in confined spaces is effectively provided by our compact space heater, which is a powerful device. This heater's innovative features and unique heat funnel shape make it ideal for quickly heating up tiny spaces or personal areas. With the exact temperature control offered by the 41-95°F digital thermostat, your comfort is always guaranteed. Furthermore, you have the option to customize your heating experience by selecting from a variety of modes, such as Power Heat, ECO, and Fan Only. With DREO, safety is always the first priority thanks to its integrated overheating and tip-over prevention.


Wall Mounted Electric Heater with Thermostat: Smart Control for Seamless Living

With our thermostat-equipped wall-mounted electric heater, enjoy the utmost convenience. With our smart control features, you can use the DREO app to change settings from anywhere, arrange heating hours to fit into your daily schedule, or even operate it with your voice using Google Home or Alexa. Owning this heater is a breeze because of our easy installation and stress-free maintenance, which guarantee that your room is constantly at the ideal temperature. We also features fast and accurate temperature control.


Space Saving, Silent, and Accurate Portable Heating Device

For an outstanding heating experience, our portable room heater combines safety, silent operation, and accurate temperature control. You can feel secure knowing your family is safe thanks to improved safety features including child locks, tip-over protection, flame-retardant material, and overheat protection. The heater's brushless DC motor and winglet fan design ensure whisper-quiet operation, creating a peaceful environment wherever you place it. Furthermore, you may adjust your ideal temperature in ±1°C increments for maximum comfort thanks to the accurate temperature control.



For your house, DREO's cutting-edge heating solutions deliver unrivaled comfort, convenience, and efficiency. DREO offers the ideal solution for you, whether you're looking for a portable heater for silent and accurate heating, sophisticated control capabilities for seamless living, or focused warmth in a tiny space. With DREO, you can feel the difference and turn your living area into a comfortable haven.

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